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Global Broker Package
Proxio's global networking platform provides brokerages with a way to promote their agents and their listings globally and in multiple different languages. Proxio is a global network of real estate professionals that promotes international engagement. It provides an opportunity to build international branding and attract global traffic. Proxio's multilingual search engine can be used on brokerage websites to provide an international search experience- helping online traffic find offices and agents by location, language or specialties. Proxio also serves property details for their entire inventory in multiple languages, currencies and measurements. Proxio can automatically translate listings into 19+ languages using professional native-speakers, not machine translations. They also provide multilingual property flyers. Proxio's services target brokerages that: Have offices located in multicultural communities Have agents with listings that appeal to buyers from outside their immediate marketplace Have agents that work with international investors or homebuyers from foreign countries Would like to highlight the multilingual talents of their agents, so they can attract international buyers or local consumers whose first language is not English Have offices across several markets, and who would like all of their agents to be able to share inventory and communicate with each other easily Features include: Networking - Network with agents across the country and the globe IDX Sites – Show listings to customers worldwide Translation – Let Proxio help market their listings internationally Listing Management – Control the exposure their listings get International Agent Search- Search agents by geography, by language, by specialty, by affiliations International Property Search – Search the properties in the newer listings, in the forecloseures or in all the properties that are listed in ProxioPro's database Message Board – Share, discuss, ask Reports/Flyers – Proxio helps agents advertise their properties Mapping – Locate properties and agents on the world map Client Management - Manage clients with the help of tolls and an easy to use interface
Globalized IDX in 13 languages
Immobel provides a multi-language listing translation service to real estate agents looking to expand the reach of their websites. Immobel’s Agent standard website package works as a standalone website with listing search in the agent’s choice of up to 13 modern languages. These 13 languages include: English Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Italian French German Chinese (traditional and simplified) Japanese Vietnamese Korean Polish Russian This package includes: Hosting Website maintenance Choice of different website templates - different layouts and colors Homepage includes: the agent’s photo, logo, and bio/resume The listing details that are translated include: property details (displayed in all 13 languages), custom description (displayed only in languages you would enter it), 1 to 10 property photos or plans Unique www address as a subdomain of Immobel, or an agent can use a custom domain name. A new domain  can be purchased through Immobel Language bar flags can be added the agent’s existing website to connect it with their Immobel website (or directly with your listings), in order to have multi-lingual solution on the existing website. An agent enters all their listings manually, fills out a form in English and adds the property photos and plans. Once this is complete, Immobel will personally translate all of the listing information.
Proxio Pro
Proxio Pro provides real estate professionals with global networking and marketing services, giving you the global reach and international credibility you need to succeed. Connect your listings to over 600,000 agents in over 130 countries through global syndication and automatic translation in 19 different languages.