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Clareity Store
All MLS Stores are NOT Created Equal Perhaps you've heard about other MLS stores or ecommerce solutions that are attempting to integrate with the MLS. There's plenty of talk about custom APIs and data feeds, and lots of dialogue about revenue shares and creating the next Apple-like app store. Yet there's a fundamental problem with this approach. Simply put, the companies that are already successfully selling products and services in real estate don't want to rebuild their products or spend engineering time to reinvent the wheel. Today's top vendors just want to sell their products. As is. The Clareity Store is built from the ground up to accommodate the business models, relationships and data licenses today's top vendors already have with MLSs and brokerages. Our goal is to facilitate the purchase of products and services right within the MLS — and to make the best products and services available to Realtors as part of their natural workflow. We secure the user access to the top MLSs in North America—some 550,000 user accounts with more than 100 of the largest MLSs. Our SSO portals enable single-click access to products and services agents use on a daily basis. When products work right out of the box with the same credentials agents use to access the MLS, productivity and profitability go up too. If the product uses MLS data, it's all right there. It all just works. So agents can just get to work.