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Data Provisioning Services from WolfNet
Data Provisioning Data Schema Any vendor accessing data from multiple MLSs faces a flood of challenges standardizing and maintaining data and photos. All too often, there is little consistency when it comes to data schema, format, delivery, updates, photos, etc. WolfNet provides intuitive, simplified MLS data standardization solutions, also known as data provisioning services, to brokerages and technology vendors. The company's automation and monitoring systems ensure the most complete and accurate standardized MLS data, covering nearly 500 MLSs throughout the United States and Canada. Benefits of WolfNet Data Provisioning include: Gain access to a standardized international MLS data footprint Take advantage of a much faster time-to-market Achieve significant decreases in costs and technical headaches Obtain expert MLS compliance and contract consulting WolfNet's data provisioning services ultimately allow you to focus more of your resources on product development and deployment—not on costly data management.  
MLS Data Co-op
A new way to access listings locally and across the nation. The Data Co-opTM from CoreLogic® brings you a wealth of information you couldn’t access before and marketing opportunities that were once beyond reach. The Data Co-op gathers all data together into a single interface — accessible through your home multiple listing system — and makes it available on all popular web browsers, operating systems and platforms. Simple access from your multiple listing system makes it easy for agents and brokers to market properties across the nation and enables them to help theirclients find properties to buy in distant locations, whether they’re relocating, retiring, or searching for vacation or investment properties. Your members can use Data Co-op to search your local listings as well. With Data Co-op, members can find everything they need to work on a single screen, with easy-to-use mapping and drag and drop gadgets. Its information-rich format also provides RealAVMTM property values that enable your members to help their clients get realistic estimates of property values. By providing your members access to Data Co-op, you can leverage the power of the vast CoreLogic database and provide your members with a new tool to help them provide the best possible service to their clients.
Trendgraphix provides an interactive market trending graphs and charts interface for broker websites. This service is called WEBGraphix and is designed for brokers to put on their websites to attract online visitors who are not necessarily looking to purchase a home, but are interested in returning each month to track the local housing market. This service was intended to keep brokerages as the resource for local home owners and renters. WEBGraphix enables brokers to add dynamic, local market trending content to their website with an interactive user interface that ideally places their online visitors in the driver's seat. Brokers can use this data to allow visitors to generate a series of market statistics and/or graphs showing average price for sale or sold, days on market, average price for square foot, and more. The data uses local criteria generated from their MLS, that is relevant to them. With automatically updating statistics, Trendgraphix believes that online visitors will keep coming back month-after-month. When coupled with Trendgraphix's Lead Generation Form, brokers can use WEBGraphix as part of their lead capture and conversion strategy.