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Agent IDX
Agent IDX offered by IDX, Inc. creates web pages combined with a software that acts as an intermediary between your MLS/IDX data feed and your website. Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a type of data feed provided by the broker’s local MLS. This data feed mirrors the data available on the broker’s MLS's website. The data feed is connected automatically, maps the necessary fields, and adds forms, scripts, etc, giving brokers a way to add HTML links and widgets to their website(s). This product also includes: A WordPress plugin for your blog or website myAgent iPad app that is built uniquely for iPad or iPhone allows clients to access your widget from their mobile device Live Google maps search with customizable views for the client The ability to add sold, pending, or Pocket Listings to your integrated IDX website Detailed traffic statistics that include page visits, source, search engine, lead, etc. Click here for a full list of features
MLS Data Co-op
A new way to access listings locally and across the nation. The Data Co-opTM from CoreLogic® brings you a wealth of information you couldn’t access before and marketing opportunities that were once beyond reach. The Data Co-op gathers all data together into a single interface — accessible through your home multiple listing system — and makes it available on all popular web browsers, operating systems and platforms. Simple access from your multiple listing system makes it easy for agents and brokers to market properties across the nation and enables them to help theirclients find properties to buy in distant locations, whether they’re relocating, retiring, or searching for vacation or investment properties. Your members can use Data Co-op to search your local listings as well. With Data Co-op, members can find everything they need to work on a single screen, with easy-to-use mapping and drag and drop gadgets. Its information-rich format also provides RealAVMTM property values that enable your members to help their clients get realistic estimates of property values. By providing your members access to Data Co-op, you can leverage the power of the vast CoreLogic database and provide your members with a new tool to help them provide the best possible service to their clients.