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SEO Google Guru’s Website Designs
SEO Google Guru's Website Designs is editing software that helps agents and brokers make website pages with no experience or HTML knowledge create a website. It is designed to be easy to use. Users can drag and drop images or text on the page until they like what they see. From there they can upload it to their website. Web Site Design comes with 10 Web site design themes to be used as a starting place for a website design. Create websites with multiple pages, text fields, graphics, animations, and more. Add images or use the built-in button and background creators. Browse a large selection of available themes. Website Design also has its own image creation tools so there's no need for other graphics software. Users can add effects like glow, shadow, and transparency to text and images, and make custom mouse over buttons and effects. Visual Site Designer creates all the images and JavaScript for you. When the users feel like they have designed the right look for your page, they upload it to their server. Website Design puts all pages and images online for the user. Whenever you upload your website, Website Designer saves a copy of the file to their server. This way, if they ever experience a computer crash, your project files are in a safe place.
Tech Support from My Computer Works
My Computer Works provides help desk and personal computer support services for real estate professionals and home consumers nationwide. Their friendly, U.S.-based support technicians connect directly and securely to your Microsoft Windows PC using a high-speed internet connection to answer your questions and solve your computer problems immediately. The company offers a number of service plans, including one-time support and unlimited support memberships that give you access to a technician whenever you need it. As a real estate agent, you need your computer up and running – when your computer is down, your business is down. My Computer Works help with: Outlook setup or issues with Outlook Wireless connectivity issues Mailing lists/Mail merge Printer install/support MLS assistance (resizing photos, zipping photos, etc) zipForms Help managing, importing, and manipulating pictures Slow computer/virus Adobe PDF problems and more
Virtual Computing
SecureData 360 offers a virtual computing platform that provides brokerages and MLS Associations with online Internet infrastructure. This service actually frees up firms and organizations from the economic costs and logistical constraints of dedicated infrastructure. SecureData 365's managed, virtual infrastructure offers flexibility and scalability for various computing needs. They can provide increased computing power, more memory, online database storage and network capacity can be requested and provisioned quickly and easily. SecureData 360’s environment allows real estate firms to optimize their overall systems utilization, or to more effectively leverage their IT budget. SecureData 360 provides infrastructure and operations expertise, to reduce required capital investment; services are provided for a monthly fee. The benefits for firms and associations are: Easily scale your infrastructure as the application and user base grow by leveraging on-demand capacity. Built-in redundancy, with automatic local failover to protect against hardware failure. Automated backup of your entire computing environment - server images and data. Support the rapid deployment or expansion of your applications. Multiple levels of security to protect against breaches, viruses, tampering, intrusion or theft.