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Marketing Services by WAV Group
WAV Group has years of experience launching new products. WAV Group have worked with budgets from a few thousand to nearly fifty million dollars so they can adapt the marketing approach plan based on the client's need. WAV Group can draft a marketing plan to help build market awareness. The plan will outline quantifiable goals which can be measured and tracked. WAV Group can coordinate the development of all marketing materials or can work with our customer's internal marketing teams. The plans may include any or all of the following marketing approaches: Websites - WAV Group can help outline messaging, website features and content needs. The firm can also coordinate the sourcing and production, and content population of the site as needed. Direct Marketing - WAV Group can help launch a series of direct marketing initiatives by outlining a messaging/editorial calendar. The materials can be delivered via direct mail, email, or eNewsletters. Blogs - Blogs are becoming one of the most effective methods for building web traffic. WAV Group can help outline the purpose/editorial content to help build brand awareness and credibility in the real estate industry. Public Relations - WAV Group can draft White Papers or conduct research that can be publicized in leading real estate journals. They have found that studies can receive a fair amount of press if deemed relevant to the industry. They can also draft and distribute press releases of new product launches or other news.
Product Management Services by WAV Group
WAV Group offers software development advisory services and product management services. WAV Group has worked in the MLS and related technology industry for over twenty years, designing, developing, selling and installing hundreds of systems for MLSs and brokers. WAV Group works with technology companies and in-house MLS development teams providing: User Interface/Navigation- WAV Group will review your entire system on the basis of navigation, ease of use and overall system design consistency. They provide a full report on issues, strengths and specific suggestions for product improvement. Product Review and Gap Analysis- They will review your systems module by module providing clear and objective feedback on strengths, weaknesses and system gaps as compared to best of breed products available on the market. They also provide specific suggestions for overall product improvement. Product Design Team Workshop- This workshop can be combined with the above services or used on its own. During the workshop WAV Group meets with your design and product team and review existing products or planned releases providing realtime feedback on functionality, interface and navigation. They have found that reviewing proposed releases with the development team without prior review provides an invaluable "first time" experience. Combined with their overall MLS product knowledge WAV Group is able to provide development and design teams quick validation on products and release plans before rollout identifying problems and issues before they reach your customers. Market Requirements/Product Roadmap- WAV Group has extensive experience identifying product market requirements and using that information to create an optimized product roadmap. They have helped develop and deliver dozens of MLS, broker and agent products as well as over a thousand retail products. The principle is the same regardless. They use proven methodology to define real market requirements and to develop a cohesive product roadmap.
Sales Advisory & Development by WAV Group
The WAV Group offers Sale Advisory and Development services to MLS Board/Associations and brokerages.  This professional service provides key consultation in three main categories: Sales Division Review & Restructuring, Comp Plan Development, and Sales Training and Development. Sales Division Review & Restructuring Services Many companies operate with a sales team structure that was built in a different time with different market factors.  Today the obstacles faced by high tech sales teams are very different from what they were even five years ago.  WAV group has proven success in restructuring sales organizations to do two things, (1) reduce sales costs, and (2) increase sales.   Their analysis uses through a multi-tier review process that can be customized for your organization and can include: Personnel assessment Organizational review Territory review Distribution strategy review Sales management tools and processes Presentation skills assessment Comp Plan Review Sales strategy review and assessment Comp Plan Development Even with a well structured sales division with good people you won't be really successful if your comp plan isn't aligned with your key corporate objectives.  WAV Group can help re-tune an existing comp plan or build one from scratch that is totally aligned with your company and product line.  A good comp plan makes the company and the sales team happy! Sales Training & Development Sales success in the real estate technology sector is not easy.  In addition to the obvious requirements such as product knowledge and understanding the decision process used by MLSs and real estate firms sales professionals need to have executive level communication skills and must have the ability to manage complex and lengthy sales cycles.  WAV Group sales training and development is custom designed for for their clients and can include the following focus areas: Individual and team sales skill training Creating and effective messaging in your sales team and company Building effective sales presentations Giving effective sales presentations Developing and executing technology sales strategies Using technology to effectively manage the sales process from the manager's perspective from the sales person's perspective
Surveys and Research by WAV Group
WAV Group is the leading independent research organiza- tion in the real estate industry today. WAV Group research has been used to inform some of the most fundamental and important decisions in real estate today. WAV Group fields customer satisfaction research for many of Noth America’s leading associations and MLSs. The company provides the following types of research: Online Surveys Virtual Focus Groups Live Focus Groups In-Depth Interviews WAV Group combines its research expertise with its deep knowledge of operations, marketing and customer service. Unlike most research firm, WAV Group helps companies to operationalize the suggestions and changes revealed by research. This leading research firm helps create lasting change, helping to evolve the industry, creating new waves of
Technology Evaluation by WAV Group
WAV Group provides technology evaluation services to MLS Boards/Associations and brokerages. Changing technology can be hugely disruptive to an association or company. A well executed technology upgrade, however, can provide major benefits and gain acceptance quickly when managed cor- rectly. Staying current on technology trends in any industry is a full time job that MLSs and associations rarely have people dedicated to. WAV Group reviews real estate technology continually. They help evaluate your needs and focus your review on products and vendors that can meet your technol- ogy objectives at the best possible price. WAV Group provides an objective and optimized project management approach to ensure you reach your goals. MLS services include: MLS System Review and Selection Contract Negotiations MLS System Conversion & Implementation Transaction Management Real Estate Firm services include: Broker systems/product review and selection Back office Accounting Front desk Transaction management Listing management CRM/lead management Broker/agent websites System conversion and implementation management Transaction Management
PCMS Consulting
PCMS is an international real estate company that offers professional consulting solutions. It provides real estate brokerage company business analysis, marketing strategies, franchise development, real estate agent recruiting and recruiting coaching, and international business development consulting. Business planning services are offered to brokers or real estate offices. These services will help clients analyze their business and establish organizational goals that will help take the organization to the next level. It will aid clients in completing a financial analysis to begin securing their company’s future. PCMS will also provide organization and business planning, including metric conception, process flow and interim management, as required. Business planning seminars and training sessions are provided, as well. Other management solutions include business planning, international and mergers acquisitions. PCMS Real Estate Consulting specializes in valuation services, transition planning and training seminars. They offer recruiting solutions by providing training seminars on how to recruit and why it is so important for your business. These coaching sessions helped to form Camp REinvent. This service gives attendees access to over 300 years of real estate industry experience as well as several real estate brokerage and technology industry guests who share their real world experiences transforming their organizations for the new reality. PCMS provides website consulting, including feature rich reviews, search engine optimization (SEO), and other marketing functions.