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Closing Management from Stewart Title
The innovators at Stewart Title have developed a stable of powerful mobile applications to help real estate professionals (and other customers) have a magnificent closing experience. Apps include: Stewart MyFiles: Current Stewart Title customers can stay up-to-date on their transactions with this collaborative app. Stewart MyFiles allows users to view a list of their current files, see a summary of each transaction, view/share documents via email, receive updates on transactions, check task status, keep in touch with contacts, and give clients access to the app so they can stay current on their transaction. Net Sheet: Help clients by providing an estimate of the dollar amount they will receive after selling a property or the amount they will need to spend to complete their purchase. Calculations include rates, taxes, and closing costs (customized for your market). In addition to creating Net Sheets for each client, the Net Sheet app allows users to: select your market area to obtain pre-loaded default costs, customize default closing costs, include title insurance premium estimates, email a copy of the results to your client, customize the report with client information, retrieve past reports, and build templates. Property Profiles™: Gain free mobile access to local real estate data with the Property Profiles app. Using this app, real estate professionals can: search for property info with only a street address and ZIP, research property characteristics/ownership/legal description, email reports to yourself/your clients, and bookmark searches for quick reference. (Note: Property Profiles is only available to real estate professionals in ID, KS, KY, MI, MN, MT, ND, NE, NV, SD, TN, WA, and WY.) Property Profiles™ Plus: A more powerful version of Property Profiles, Property Profiles Plus is not available to real estate professionals in TX, NM, UT, NE and CA. Property Profiles™ California App from PropertyInfo: This app gives real estate professionals in California access to Property Profiles tools.
MLS Offers
MLS Offers is a FREE platform that simplifies the offer negotiation process between real estate professionals. We do this by allowing the listing agent to request that they receive all of their offers through our platform. This ensures that all offer terms, docs, and negotiation correspondence are easily accessed and viewable by both parties at any time on one uniform medium. We provide a clean and simple interface that makes submitting and countering offers a breeze for both agents. List agents often get frustrated managing multiple offers across multiple listings via multiple technologies chosen by the buyer's agent. With MLS offers you ensure all your offers, counter offers and other messages are delivered and received in one spot. You can think of us as an email system designed specifically for real estate offer negotiations. Offer negotiations is all we do and we do it really well! Please visit www.MLSoffers.com for more info.
TRANS-TRAC System for Successful Real Estate Agents
The TRANS-TRAC System is an online course that teaches agents a simple method of transaction tracking that requires nothing beyond a Google Docs spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is downloaded at the start of the course and acts as your "digital transaction board." Students learn 31 step-by-step procedures that take them from listing to closing. The course is aimed at those looking to increase their closed transactions by establishing new systems. The target includes new agents, teams, and those who want to close 5-10 transactions or more per month. The course offers 39 lectures and over 2.5 hours of content. Users gain lifetime access to all content upon course registration, a one-time fee. Training content is available 24/7 via online educational platform Udemy.
In an era of digital transactions, collecting earnest money is one of the last pieces of transactions that has yet to come online. Instead, earnest money is collected by hand, and may languish on desks, in drawers, or even an agent's car before being deposited. This is a process that's inefficient and not secure. TrustFunds solves this problem automates the digital delivery and deposit of earnest money in a secure environment. The agent facilitates the process through a couple of simple clicks initiated on the listing detail page within the MLS. The system provides complete transparency on the progress of the payment as well as the payment history. The process is completed via three easy steps: One Click from the Listing Detail Page - First, the agent clicks on the TrustFunds Electronic Earnest Money Deposit link on the listing detail page in the MLS. Choose Designated Trust Account Holder and Send Request to Buyer - Second, the agent chooses the Designated Trust Account Holder and completes the payment request. Buyer Pays Online - The system takes security measures to identify both the property and agent with a photo and detailed information as a double fail safe. TrustFunds also provides real-time access to the status of earnest money for all transactions via a dashboard. For every transaction, a complete payment history is provided to ensure the broker is in complete regulatory compliance.