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CRS Data MLS Tax Suite
Empower your REALTORS® by adding the MLS Tax Suite as a membership benefit. Since 1989, CRS Data has provided you with a wealth of tax data. Our new, customized MLS Tax Suite by CRS Data integrates seamlessly into your MLS system and gives REALTORS® current tax data, detailed maps and robust features on all browsers and devices. Find listings and FSBOs quickly, evaluate them effectively and give clients professional
BPO Traffic Controller by Realty Pilot
Realty Pilot's BPO Traffic Controller is a solution that intends to make organizing, completing and tracking BPO's simple. Whether for 1 agent or a large brokerage, Traffic Controller provides a number of organizational features from time management, task management and document management to employee management, accounting and reporting. Key product features include: BPO Automation: Enter BPO's on a single, common form and automate the completion of forms on Asset Company sites MLS Integration: Import listings from any MLS in the US growing support for native RETS integration Access to maintained Asset Company lists: All subscribers have access to a shared database of asset and other companies that is updated and maintained to contain accurate information Track all details of an agent's or broker's BPO's: The information for every BPO is securely stored in 1 place that is accessible from any computer or device with internet access Manage users and employees: Powerful permissions system allows agents and brokers to customize and manage the access levels of all users Detailed reporting and accounting: Track payroll and expenses, monitor performance, and control user access based on various criteria like on-time completion rates
DataMaster Software
DataMaster has over a decade of experience creating innovative, time saving tools for the appraisal industry. Our system is so intuitive and successful because it is developed expressly for residential real estate appraisers - by appraisers. DataMaster has revolutionized the data importing process. Our system enables you to import MLS and public records data directly into your current appraisal software in just a click. DataMaster will help you:- Create customized, more accurate reports- Eliminate typos and reduce mistakes- Stay UAD compliant- Boost productivity
Short Sales Services
Vendor Resource Management’s Short Sale Service can determine the current market value of properties and the best sale price based on real-time market data. This service provides brokers with informative Broker Price Opinions (BPO) and appraisals. BPOs and appraisals are determined by Vendor Resource Management’s (VRM) team of over 100 licensed professionals to determine the fair market value of the assets. VRM clients are able to review all BPO and appraisal data on their online system. VRM can also assist with potential customer requests as well as those from borrowers in default. VRM links the lender, the mortgagor in default, the brokers, and potential buyers together in a web-based environment. Their “property management database” is set up so that a borrower’s required documentation can be uploaded via VRM’s system and reviewed for approval by the lender. The listing broker can interact with the client, through a dedicated VRM Asset Manger, solely based upon our interactive web-based system. VRM clients will receive the following benefits: A recommended sales price range based on market assessment; Access the VRM’s property management database; VRM Asset Manager- Use to negotiate all short sale offers, and keep track of required documentation; 24/7 online access for clients; and, Access to a dedicated call center to answer all questions and concerns. VRM can handle the entire short sale transactional process for their clients or they can assist them in a limited capacity role.
Estimating Superpowers for You and Your Clients Create estimates for all pre-listing or post-inspection repair, replacement, and remodeling projects in under 30 seconds. Select the work that needs to be done and get a full detailed estimate, specific to that property, in seconds. Send the results to your clients with a live-updating link or PDF. Estimates are not based on national averages. We have pricing for 15,000+ tasks for over 350 different regions throughout the U.S. Our prices are updated quarterly so you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate estimates for your client.