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Local Showings

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Property Showing Management
Platform for MLSs and Brokerages

Managing showings from start to finish.

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Local Showings is an independent, full-featured property showing software and service and is the culmination of years of technical preparation and the perfect mixture of right place, right time. Local Showings was designed to integrate with real estate organizations' existing technology and be used as either a standalone product or within the DeltaNET 6.

The platform will allow agents to:

  • Schedule showings of any listing in their MLS
  • Offer a calendar view of available times
  • Generate seller reports
  • Highlight feedback
  • Facilitate communication with other agents.

Call center support is also included, providing agents and brokerages the help they're so used to receiving from Delta Media Group, as is a no-sell guarantee.

Delta's Three Philosophies
Behind Building Local Showings

  • Create a truly independent showing management solution with a no-sell guarantee written in the contract.
  • Provide a frictionless transition for the end-user and providing all of the same tools agents are used to using within a showing management platform.
  • Don't disrupt existing budgets. Local Showings is offered at a price at or below what your currently spending on a showing solution.

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Using Facebook Live for Your Real Estate Open House
The idea of using Facebook Live for a real estate open house is nothing new. Marketing-savvy agents have been using Facebook Live for some time to promote listings, create brand awareness, and attract business. It helps them reach busy potential buyers who can't attend many open house events, as well as those who are out-of-town and planning to relocate. Facebook Live brings your narrated property tour directly to their screen, at home or while they're on-the-go. They don't have to make any time commitment other than setting aside time to watch your property tour. Agents are even finding it can help them close some clients. This article will show you how to get started taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool which will continue to serve you into the future. Creating a Facebook Business Page If you don't have a business page on Facebook, you'll want to set that up first. This guide from Facebook will help you set it up. You'll need a personal Facebook page to do this, so set that up first if you don't have one. It's really important to put your best foot forward on your business page. Much more than just an online brochure, you need to maximize opportunities for capturing new leads, engage your visitors, and have a solid platform for advertising. You'll find some tips and recommendations here for putting together a real estate business page that has the right professional polish. Preparing Your Online Real Estate Open House Promotional Posts In the days leading up to your live event, you'll want to publish posts on your business page to get the word out. These posts will need a quality photo of the property which could be anything that will make a good impression on potential buyers – interior or exterior. Once you've chosen a photo for your promotional posts, you need to use a graphic editor to add the date and time to the image. Canva is a free tool that's perfect for this task. Canva even offers free templates for creating social media graphics. With your graphic ready, you just need to write a quick blurb for your posts that will get potential buyers excited to see more about the property and attend your online open house. If you want to reach more people in your area outside of your followers on Facebook, you can try using Facebook ads to promote the virtual open house to a much wider audience. Since you can spend whatever you want on Facebook ads, there's very little risk in experimenting and Facebook ads are simple to set up. Planning the Property Tour Preparing for your tour of a property is very important. You don't want to just improvise on the spot. Plan the flow of the property tour and identify the important points and features you want to speak to and share in your broadcast. You might even want to write a script for yourself to make sure you don't leave anything out and do a practice run or two before the event. In your narration, make sure you include the same information that you normally would in an in-person open house, such as insights about the community and local schools. You'll get better at doing these over time, but the important thing is to start! Get (yourself) in your videos. It allows us to showcase who we are as people and build a "know, like and trust" and that's what clients are looking for. I always do 30 minutes because 30 minutes will allow you to give a 15-minute walk-through and 15 minutes to answer any questions. Typically, I'm getting 600-900 views. I'm engaging the audience. Jesse PetersSales AssociateRE/MAX Executive RealtyWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaUsing Facebook Live for an Open House – REALTOR® Magazine Go Live Using Facebook Live is very easy. Start with learning the basic features and controls on your phone or tablet, then do some practice sessions to get comfortable with it. Having the confidence in operating the features will make your first online open house go much more smoothly and you'll be less nervous. After the event, you'll even have a link in Facebook for sharing the recorded video to your website or social channels. The biggest hurdle is building the confidence in yourself that you can do this. Pretend it's just like a normal real estate open house. After you have done a few, you'll wonder what you were so nervous about. You'll be really excited about the added exposure as you watch your audience size start to grow over time. Practice makes perfect! To view the original article, visit the iHomeFinder
An Open House Is a Great Idea During the Holiday Season
A holiday open house can be a great way for you to market a seller's home. Festive seasons are about celebrating, and what better way to celebrate the home buying process than with creative prop-tech tools that highlight a property's features? Regular open houses during these busy times of the year can turn into long, tedious weekend afternoons filled with nothing more than the sounds of the season and daydreaming of sugar plums. But you can host a virtual open house every day of the week as an additional way to present your listing. Potential buyers can enjoy shopping for their new home online alongside looking for that oh-so-perfect gift for their special someone. Wrapped and unwrapped What can you do to make a home more attractive to potential buyers during a time when home sales typically decrease? A great Christmas open house idea is to combine before and after décor in your real estate marketing photos to allow potential buyers to visualize both versions. Have the property's interactive floor plans available on your mobile device so you can easily emphasize the accurate square footage of each room and email the information directly to the buyer on the spot. Side-by-side virtual tours that encompass the "unwrapped" look of the home and the decorated version with all the trimmings are the perfect way to encourage the buyer's emotional connection. Their traditional open house experience is reinforced through a subsequent virtual open house incorporating 3D videos. Sales stats by season The four months from May to August see the highest volume of home sales nationwide. According to the National Association of Realtors®, 40% of total annual home sales happen during the summer season. Summer is the ideal time to move; with school drawing to an end, the desire for relocating is also at its peak. This leaves the winter months a bit of a challenge with lagging sales at only about 70% of the volume of the summer months. However, that 70% still represents a substantial number of ready and willing buyers who take the plunge into the real estate market despite the trends. Although the volume of sales is down during the winter months, a holiday open house is not out of the question. You may not have as many buyers and sellers, but the ones you do have want the best tech tools to showcase a home's features. 3D tours and virtual open houses are the optimum way to help a home sell faster during the slow season, high season, or any season. Less inventory means more demand According to, the fall and winter are not great times to sell a home. This doesn't mean homes are not selling, it just means that people are focused on other things like travelling for an annual vacation or wrapping up the first semester of school and wrapping presents instead of thinking about a Christmas open house idea. Sales opportunities don't have to take a back seat to seasonality in real estate. Less inventory can put your seller's property out front when you use 3D tours to market their home. When buyers are looking at this time of the year, you know they are serious. Virtual open houses capture the eye of the holiday shopper and with the added value of an interactive floor plan, you might just have found the perfect gift for both your seller and buyer. Your seller will be delighted with fewer interruptions in their day due to online showings and 3D tours, and the buyer will love viewing your holiday open house in an easy online format. The biggest holiday of the year Every culture embraces its own unique set of holidays, but with Christmas being the most celebrated holiday, followed closely by Thanksgiving, you may think a holiday open house is off the table. Remember, open houses are a way to invite potential purchasers into a home to experience what living there would be like. The holiday season is a time when many households bake up seasonal specialties, so why not schedule your open house around the day something fresh has just popped out of the oven? The lingering scent of home baking can trigger emotions and a sense of familiarity, making the home more appealing to the potential buyer. Follow up with virtual tours where the buyer will reinforce the memory of the home's fit and flow after the open house. Preferential treatment When it comes to a Christmas open house idea, every seller will have a different opinion on whether or not they prefer in-person or online viewing. But one thing is for sure, having a virtual showing is the perfect way to attract qualified buyers, hold their interest, and satisfy their curiosity about every square foot of a home. The buyer forms a connection while reviewing the interactive floor plan and virtual tour from the comfort of their own home. Your seller will appreciate the preferential treatment you give them by allowing them the freedom to celebrate the holidays without constant hassle from unqualified leads. The holiday season is a time for sharing, and it is easy when you are prepared with the right prop-tech tools. Virtual tours and interactive floor plans are the best way to share details of your listings and lead the way to successful holiday open houses with little to no
Must Haves for Your Next Open House
If you are hosting your first open house, you might be a little ovewhelmed, not wanting to make any mistakes at all. We understand and want to help you come up with a game plan. Here is a list of things that you may want to have at your open house and some ideas on things to do to help make it the best it can be. Sign-in Sheet You can have a sheet or use an iPad to hand it to guests during the home tour. Business Card Business cards are very vital. Most clients do not make their decision during the open house, so you want to make sure you give them the option to contact you with any questions at all outside of the open house. Directional Signs Anything you can do to make it easier for clients to find a home will always be appreciated by clients. Refreshments Refreshments are nice to have, and most clients appreciate it. Property MLS Sheets and Information Packets Information packets can be valuable at your open house to give to potential clients who don't want to stay and have a long conversation. Live Stream Your Open House on Social Media Facebook Live, Instagram, Zoom, Google Hangouts: There is no better way to get extra eyes on the property than to put it on your social media platforms. Streaming your open house will allow those who are uncomfortable with being around a lot of people or are better at remote communcation to view the property as well. Air Fresheners Air freshener, candle, or something to make sure that the home does not smell will make the experience for attendees a bit better. Host a Raffle One way to get more people to your open house is to have a raffle. People love free things, and what better way to get more people to visit. Invite Your Neighbors Most agents think that neighbors won't be interested, but the neighbors can help make the event more welcoming. They may also know things about the neighborhood that you might not know. Goody/Thank You Bags Try to partner with a local shop when thinking about what different things you should put in the gift bags. To view the original article, visit the Rental Beast