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Finding Sellers for Today and Tomorrow
Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 12:00 PM PDT The importance of real estate farming cannot be overstated. Farming is about cultivating a network of potential clients. Identifying the best areas for farming and developing a concrete implementation plan are pivotal for long term success in the industry. Join this class to learn more about: Researching neighborhoods Choosing a farm area Creating lead generation content Staying on top of market trends... and more! Register
11 Foolproof Seller Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents
1. Establish connections in local Facebook communities and position yourself as a resource/educator (not a salesperson!) 2. Leverage custom landing pages with contact forms to target seller leads, such as home valuation tools, instant offers, preferred vendors, etc. 3. Go classic with sleek print materials. Direct mail is making a comeback, with less competition and increased response rates! 4. Create seller-driven content like guides, downloadable PDFs, blogs, videos, and webinars. Content is king, so if you don't have the time or skills to create content on your own, consider partnering with a freelancer to help you out. 5. Throw a house-warming party for a VIP client! Have a client that's well connected in the community? Offer to throw them a catered happy hour and get your networking game face on. 6. Run a remarketing campaign on Facebook promoting sold listings and re-engaging "abandoners" who browsed your website and left. 7. Seller leads are drawn to agents with a niche market: historic homes, beachside properties, luxury, up-and-coming neighborhoods, eco-friendly, etc. 8. Expireds and FSBOs: A classic recommendation for generating seller leads (because it works). 9. Continue to be the real estate educator and call past clients and say, "Good news, your home value went up!" Keep them in the loop on the market and they'll work with you when they're ready. 10. Freshen up your listing presentation! Download this free checklist: 4 Steps to Winning a Listing Presentation 11. Qualify your buyer leads when they register on your site by asking, "Do you have a home to sell?" Remember, many buyer leads are seller leads as well! To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
Social Media Best Practices with Cloud Attract
Multiple Dates It's a fact that there are a lot of people on Facebook and Instagram. It's what makes advertising on social media so powerful: you have the potential to reach TONS of new sellers and buyers to make your business grow. Unfortunately, it also means that your ads will be seen by the wrong people from time to time. Join us as we teach you social media best practices to help you reach the right potential customers. We'll show you: How to share your Cloud Attract landing pages on social media quickly and effortlessly How to boost your posts How to create your first Facebook or Instagram ad and who to target And more! Register