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Agent rDesk Website
Real Estate Digital’s Agent rDesk Website is a web-based application which provides agents the ability to customize their own single real estate agent portal. These portals offer over one hundred colorful designs you may select from, or if you would like to create a custom design, this feature is available too. This platform offers preloaded content which including video real estate news, school and neighborhood reports, and mortgage calculators. Agent rDesk Websites also give you the flexibility to add as many pages and links as you need. These websites were created for individual agents and are easy to use. Agent rDesk Website offers the following marketing and productivity tools: flyers, buyer tour, neighborhood reports, school reports, ability to create a map, driving directions, financial calculators, a real estate glossary, lead manager and client services. As a portal, Agent rDesk Website brings you a news feed, weather reports, motivational quotes, the ability to search the web, e-mail your clients or colleagues, a personal profile, calendar, contact manager, web documents folders, IDX/VOW listing search and an agent website. rDesk functions with any MLS system, and it coordinates well with many tools and technologies used by real estate professionals
Real Estate Digital's DocCentral enables agents and brokers to eliminate the paper, storage and printing needed to complete a real estate sale. Doc Central provides a web-based platform to securely digitize, share and manage documents. This service allows you to convert all your documents to digital copies, which eliminate printing costs, the time to manually file and the inconvenience of large filing cabinets in your work space. DocCentral also provides a secure document warehouse with 24/7 protection and access. It also allows you to manage your important documents. You will be able to track who has viewed your documents and control who has access to certain documents. DocCentral offers you the ability to digitize your documents by directly uploading them, emailing them or faxing them. You will be able to view your documents online 24/7, with the option to share these documents online or by email. You will be giving consumer access, with unique branding of agent or broker. DocCentral enables you to search an "electronic file cabinet" for transactions or create new ones. It also automatically populates your property information from MLS systems. It provides you with an open platform and the flexibility to operate with leading transaction management systems. DocCentral also allows extensive security, which allows the user to controls who can see which of their documents. It also monitors site

SkySlope Forms

SkySlope Forms, which is being rolled out to Arizona customers, uses state-of-the-art technology to create a seamless user experience by giving agents and TCs a streamlined and efficient way to execute real estate transactions. With a frictionless transition between transaction management, paperwork, and digital signature, SkySlope Forms helps agents and TCs save time and improves compliance for brokers.

SkySlope Forms features include:

Association forms synced from the MLS
Quick-Entry screens for easier form preparation and completion
Data is auto-updated across all forms and templates
Signature and initial blocks are auto-populated with SkySlope DigiSign
MLS data is pulled and input into form fields and across files
Form data is synced to the corresponding transaction in SkySlope


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Welcome to Dotloop, the complete real estate transaction management solution. Empowering real estate agents, brokers, and teams to edit forms, eSign, collaborate and automate compliance on a single, streamlined platform. Dotloop is your one stop organization tool Dotloop uses one system to rule them all. Say goodbye to the security risks and hiccups that come with linking together multiple solutions. Gain real-time visibility into your business, coach team members, and increase productivity. A best-in-class customer success team to set you up and take you from novice to expert. What Else Can They Do For You? Time is money, and they can save you a lot of time, their paperless transaction platform means more time driving growth, not chasing paper.  You are not limited by your technology! Their website is built for top performers, so whether on desktop, iOS, or Android, dotloop keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle. They will be there for you with their unwavering dedication to YOUR success, from day 1 to 1,001 (and beyond), they’re here to set you up and help you out.
RETS IQ Cheque

RETS IQ Cheque has taken RETS management to a whole new level. Cheque is an add-on Contact application built to administer billing and account management services for MLS RETS Data Recipients. Cheque enables MLS operators to track to whom they have given RETS access, the customers of RETS Data Recipients and generate and collect data usage billing. Cheque also provides a new revenue stream for the MLS. Non-Dues Revenue Stream As the MLS industry evolves to meet the needs of the real estate consumers, ever increasing demands for data will put the MLS in a position to open up new revenue streams for non-dues revenue and services.