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CRM by Delta Media Group

Strengthen Relationships and Convert Leads

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps your sales associates organized. Our automated, mobile Pipeline Manager helps them track, manage, and engage with customers right from their smartphone. They can prioritize their day with one quick look at their dashboard and automate tasks, so they can get back to what they do best— closing more business. 

• Action Plans
• Email Templates
• Printable eCards & Flyers
• My Customer for Life Newsletter Email Campaigns
• Customizable Customer Lists
• My HomeFinder, Market Watch & Seller Reports
• Open House Connector™ App 
• Facebook Connector™ 
• Customer Review Sharing
• Full Customer Tracking
• Fields for Lead Records 
• Customer Imports & Exports 
• Lead Capture Forms
• Generate Print Mailing Lists 
• Automated Lead Segmentation 
• IDX Listing Integration 


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3 Tips for 'Spring Cleaning' Your Real Estate Business
The hot summer housing market is just around the corner. Is your real estate business ready? All agents who want this season to be their most successful one yet should be taking a moment to prepare for the upcoming shifts in the market. Typically, summertime sees a surge of buyer demand alongside more homeowners listing their properties for sale. According to a study that investigated the times of the year when people are more likely to move, June is one of the busiest months — with July 31 being the single most busy day for moving in the U.S. For agents, this means that more buyers and sellers usually enter the market at this bustling time of year. If you want to capitalize on these opportunities and lock in more transactions to grow your business, there are steps you can already start taking to prepare for the summer real estate rush. 3 Best Practices to Prepare for Real Estate's Summer Rush Agents, it's time to take notes. We've put together three must-do tasks to help you strategically "spring clean" your real estate business. From optimizing your workflow to making sure that your tech stack is equipped to boost its bandwidth, here's everything you need to do. 1. Polish Up Your CRM Contact List First things first, it all starts with your CRM. Your database of contacts is like a gold mine for your business — but whether or not you activate its full potential depends on how you leverage it. To ensure that your database is ready to roll into real estate's busiest time of year, take some time to review your contacts. Correct any errors, add any additional insights you may have, and tag all of your contacts under the correct categories — so you'll know at a glance where they lie in your funnel (are they lukewarm, cold, or ultra-hot?) and what their transaction type is (buyers, sellers, downsizing?). Having a clean contact database means that when you get a rush of new leads, you're prepared to do your best business and use your CRM to its full potential. 2. Audit Your Technology Tools If you haven't performed a technology audit recently, now is a great time to make sure that all of your tools are working well for your business. Look for any possible system upgrades or new offerings that may be available to improve your efficiency. We recommend doing some quick research on the websites of your tech providers or reaching out to service teams to get the inside scoop on all things new. As you review your current set of technologies, prioritize automation — which can help you do more without actually having to do more. To streamline everywhere you can to get the maximum efficiency out of your tech software, make sure that you're leveraging smart integrations. Automation frees up time in your day while giving you access to more business opportunities. 3. Enhance Your Drip Email Marketing Campaigns Are your drip email campaigns in need of a refresher? As you're automating your workflow, make sure to give your nurture campaigns some TLC before summertime hits. Revisit your action plan and customize your nurture cadence to make sure that you're hitting the optimum number of touchpoints — which is 10, per lead, per month — and are reaching out on diverse platforms, like email, text, social media ads, and more. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
Is Neglecting Your Real Estate Database Hurting Your Sales?
We've said it once, twice, a thousand times — but we're saying it again: your database is the lifeline of your real estate business. Your database of contacts is like a goldmine that's just waiting to be tapped into. From past clients to seemingly "weak" leads, your database contains the keys for taking your business to the next level of success. The truth is clear. Agents who are systematically working their database are doing more business than those who don't. Here's the data to prove it. How to Start Doing 18% More Business It's not magic or rocket science. The key to increasing your lead conversion and successfully moving more clients through their transactions to closing all lies in how you leverage your database. Top-performing real estate agents leverage a CRM to help them manage their workload and grow their businesses. Did you know: The agents who employ a professional solution to manage marketing activities have 14% more business on average than their peers. Agents who use a CRM for their daily operations have an average of 18% more business than those who don't. The ultimate secret here is building a strategy that is sustainable, repeatable, and scalable. Sustainable, meaning it's a seamless part of your workflow that you can actually maintain over long periods of time. It's not a one-shot sprint, it's a marathon. Repeatable, meaning the system is so organized that you can follow a set of steps over and over again. You keep making the same right moves, and the process continues to generate measurable wins. Scalable, meaning even as you grow your business, secure more leads, and boost your production, your strategy still works for you. Your database action plan should be flexible enough to adapt to your business at every stage of its expansion. If 18% more business sounded good, how about 14 more transaction sides every year? Data-Proven Follow-up Strategies to Start Doing NOW Here's everything we learned from a 2021 RealTrends study conducted on individual real estate agents and teams to get a deeper understanding of how marketing processes and contact database size can affect overall performance. What We Know: Real estate agents who have a formal workflow for new leads average 12% more transactions than those who do not employ any kind of systematic follow-up. → What You Can Do: Follow in the footsteps of the best in the business by running systematic follow-up processes and marketing campaigns that nurture your sphere. What We Know: Real estate agents who have a systematic follow-up process in place for both past clients and new leads do, on average, 22% more transactions than those who do not employ any type of systematic follow-up, and 10% more transactions than those who only target new leads. → What You Can Do: Make sure to target both former clients and new leads! Don't leave anyone in your database behind. What We Know: Agents who use a mix of contact types, including programmatic and social media advertising, do 29% more transactions on average than those who don't. → What You Can Do: Support a diverse mix of marketing platforms and contact types to create more touchpoints where you can connect with your sphere. What We Know: Agents who make 10 or more touchpoints per person, per month have 39% more transactions than their peers who are less communicative. → What You Can Do: Aim for 10 or more touchpoints per month! Set a communication cadence that allows you to reach out with different, meaningful messages at least 10 times per month. What We Know: Agents who maintain a larger contact database complete more transactions. Those whose databases contain more than 500 contacts have an average of 25% more transactions than agents who have less than 500 contacts. → What You Can Do: Up your lead generation! The more contacts you have in your database, the better equipped you are to grow and scale your business. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
Google Sheets + Your CRM = Open House Dream Team
Did you know you can use Google Sheets for lead capture? It's true—rather than paying for open house apps or building lead capture pages, you can simply use this free tool as an easy way to capture leads. That's not the only use for Google Sheets, either. Use the new year as an excuse to reach out to your database and ask them to update or verify their contact info. Simply text or email them the link to a Google Sheets form, et voilà! (It's also a good excuse to reach out to old contacts.) In the video above, Gabe from API Nation shows you how to set up a Google Sheets spreadsheet for lead capture. He'll also show you how to connect it to your CRM—and that's where the magic truly starts to happen... Syncing Sheets with your CRM So you've got a lead's contact information on a Google Sheets. What's the easiest way to get it into your CRM? Sync it! If your CRM doesn't offer direct integration with Google products, you can create an integration of your own via API Nation, a service that connects technology platforms to each other. That way, information entered into your Google Sheet will automatically be sent to your CRM—no manual input, exporting or importing required. API Nation can connect Google Sheets to most major real estate CRMs, including: kvCORE MoxiWorks BoomTown Follow Up Boss Chime LionDesk and more To learn more about connecting your CRM with Google Sheets Sync, watch the video above or visit this page. Happy lead