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DeltaNET 6

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Changing the Future of the Real Estate Industry

DeltaNET 6 by Delta Media Group, redefines automation and innovation for the real estate industry.

Sales associates are the lifeblood of any real estate firm and the driving force behind DeltaNET 6.

DeltaNET 6 looks good and is easy to use. “Hot topic” tools for CRM and marketing are right up front with easy-to-understand names and colorful buttons recognizable at a glance. We organized DeltaNET 6 in a way that makes sense to associates. To-do lists take only a few clicks to complete.

DeltaNET 6 is perfect for sales associates who are on-the-go: Run your office from anywhere, all with your smartphone. Connect with clients 24/7 with emails, text messages, and phone calls. Track their online activity and be ready to engage when they’re ready to act using DeltaNET 6 lead scoring and behavior mangement.


• Mobile Responsive CRM / Intranet
• G-Suite & Office 365 Authentication & Contact, Calendar & Email Sync
• Integrated Support Learning Center
• Admin-Level Email Marketing Campaigns
• AI-Driven eMail & Print Newsletters
• Bulk Email Blasting With Customizable Templates
• Customizable Recruiting Flyers
• Complete Lead Management & Lead Tracking (including third-party lead parsing)
• Geo-Based Text Messaging Short-Codes
• Team Management
• Internal Messaging & Bulk SMS Texting
• Pocket Listing System
• Event Planning
• And More...


• Skyslope
• Homespotter
• AdWerx
• Buyside
• Matterport
• Office365
• G Suite
• ShowingTime
• Dotloo
• RealSatisfied
• Plus 80 more


Franchise, Brokerage, Team & Sales Associate Websites

Choose a simple or sophisticated themed website, or opt to collaborate with our Design Team to create a custom website that showcases your business and incorporates lead-generating features.

• AVM For Seller Leads
• INRIX Drive Time Search
• Metro-Line Search
• Custom Boundary Creation For Hyperlocal Community Search
• Dynamically Created Subdivision & School District Results
• Commercial Websites
• Luxury Websites
• Built-In Mortgage Calculations & Mortgage Lead System
• Market Demographic & Trending Data
• Fastest Updating Listing Data in Industry (Updates on average 2-5 minutes)
• Live Chat Plug-Ins
• Squeeze Page & Lead Generation Tools
• Progressive Web App / Push Notification
• AMP Pages


Strengthen Relationships and Convert Leads

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps your sales associates organized. Our automated, mobile Pipeline Manager helps them track, manage, and engage with customers right from their smartphone. They can prioritize their day with one quick look at their dashboard and automate tasks, so they can get back to what they do best— closing more business.

• Action Plans
• Email Templates
• Printable eCards & Flyers
• My Customer for Life Newsletter Email Campaigns
• Customizable Customer Lists
• My HomeFinder, Market Watch & Seller Reports
• Open House Connector™ App
• Facebook Connector™
• Customer Review Sharing
• Full Customer Tracking
• Fields for Lead Records
• Customer Imports & Exports
• Lead Capture Forms
• Generate Print Mailing Lists
• Automated Lead Segmentation
• IDX Listing Integration


Get more traffic, leads, and business with our digital real estate marketing services

Planning your marketing strategies from the start gets you more traffic, more leads, and more business. From our incomparable patent-pending SEO software and content creation services to paid advertising, email, video, and social market- ing, you’ll quickly dominate your local market. Our real estate marketing methods connect you with buyers and sellers at the right place and time to attract, engage, and satisfy the needs of your users no matter what the stage of their real estate journey.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Custom Content Creation
• Social Media Marketing
• Properties in Motion® (listing videos)
• AdWizard™ Paid Advertising
• Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


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Generating Leads and Boosting Business
Who doesn't love leads? Leads are a crucial part of your business and help you grow as an agent. You can get leads from all sorts of places and ways, but the important part is taking them from a lead to a lifelong client. According to a National Harris Survey, more than 80% of people ask for recommendations from friends when making big purchasing decisions. Once you have established a strong past client resume, you will have a great opportunity to build some lead generation around referrals. To make that goal a reality, all of your marketing pieces should contain some sort of lead generation from lead capture forms to texting a number for lead capture. Lead generation can be found on your digital and tangible marketing materials, like direct mailing with postcards. The more you shift your marketing to generate leads, the better. Some options to help you get started are: Add a lead capture form to your website Create a direct mailing campaign in a local neighborhood for potential buyers/sellers Reach out to old leads that you may have lost touch with Hold an open house for another agent Host local events in your area Remind your satisfied clients that you welcome and appreciate referrals. This may come at a later time as you build up your client database Reach out to your partners like your loan officer or title rep and find ways to pass leads to each other. In your first year, you will likely try these many other different ways to generate leads. Tracking your success will help you save time and money on your marketing efforts and allow you to focus on the leads that are producing the best return on your investment. To view the original article, visit the IXACT Contact
Investing in a Real Estate CRM? Consult These Tips First
It's no secret that a real estate CRM can be a big investment, especially if you're partnering with one of the industry's leading CRM software. We know that partnering with a new CRM is a giant leap. But, performing software-specific due diligence can help you feel confident and excited about the newest addition to your tech stack. Software Shopping 101: How to Analyze a Potential CRM To help make sure that the CRM you choose has all of the features you need to streamline your workflow and drive more success, you should always spend time evaluating the system. One of the most important aspects to focus on is usability. In other words, you can only maximize the returns on your CRM investment if your team is using the system to the fullest. Before making the purchase, you should know which CRM will be the best fit for you and your team. Pro Tip: CRMs are not one-size-fits-all. You'll need to analyze what challenges you're trying to overcome to determine which software will best suit your team. For example, if you are losing too many leads because you're not following up properly, you'll want to shop for a CRM that automates and streamlines lead engagement — allowing your team to follow up quickly and effectively every time. 3 ROI-Boosting Tips for Adopting a New CRM 1. Master Lead Follow-Up If you're not following up with your online leads, you're likely not converting them. According to the CRM + Agent Adoption study from REAL Trends: 92.13% of brokers named follow-up and relationship marketing as the most-used CRM feature. 86.52% of brokers named drip marketing as their most-used CRM feature. 70.79% of brokers named follow-up reminders as their most-used CRM feature. Warming and engaging leads are critical for the long-term success of your CRM. BoomTown's data has revealed that the most successful agents are typically the most responsive agents who provide stellar service to all of their clients. As a result, BoomTown's features improve agent response rates — helping users reach, warm, and convert more leads. 2. Invest Time in Software Training and Agent Support Investing in a CRM does not end once the purchase has been made. If you want to see strong returns from your CRM, you need to continue investing time, energy, and work into the software. When first introduced, your team of agents need to be thoroughly trained to use the CRM. As you continue using the CRM, your agents need continual technical support and additional training sessions to ensure that everyone is familiar and confident with the new system. Further down the line, agents need to be held accountable for using the CRM properly. To see results, the agents on your team should be working with the CRM and integrating it into their daily workflow. Pro Tip: When teaching agents how to use a new system, make sure that you make time for individual training. Ask each agent on your team if they have any questions, or if they are struggling with any aspects of the new system. This allows you to address the specific points of confusion that may be holding your team back. 3. Be Patient Success takes time. When adopting a new CRM, be patient and wait for the results. Once you integrate the CRM into your workflow, you may identify areas of your real estate business that need to be optimized. For example, you may find gaps in the lead warming process and learn that you need additional support. As a result, you may need to create an ISA team or recruit new agents. In these cases, you may need to wait until you've hired and onboarded the new talent to see the whole system work seamlessly. Perfecting the way your CRM works for your business is a work in progress. Give it time, be flexible, and continue monitoring how the software is working for your business. What to Do if Your CRM Isn't Generating Returns If your CRM is not generating returns even after you've followed these three steps, there might be a bigger issue with how your team is using the system. In some cases, your team could be using the wrong system that does not integrate with your business. In this situation, it may be best to re-evaluate your purchase and determine if it's time to switch to a new, more effective platform. Or, your team members may not be using the CRM how they should be. If this is the case, working on agent accountability may be helpful. Your team needs to consistently invest the time and energy into the CRM to achieve a strong ROI. Identify the problem and then seek a solution that will set your business up for success. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
Why Real Estate Agents Should Prioritize Meaningful Outreach
Not all follow-up is good follow-up! It's 2022 and consumer demand is high. People expect Amazon speed combined with boutique service. Your outreach needs to be specific, high-converting -- and never generic or impersonal. Creating Custom, Lead-Specific Outreach In today's market, you need to be "listening" to what your leads are doing online. You should know how they're engaging with your site, allowing you to send them a customized outreach based on their activity. For example, if you know that a prospect is spending more time on the landing pages with one of your property listings — continually visiting, scrolling, and spending large amounts of time on the page — you'd understand that they are favoring this property over competing options. Access to your website data can help you leverage value-driven outreach plans. When you do follow up with that lead, you can promote the listing that they have been eyeing and prompt them to set up an appointment with you to discuss their position further. Do This → You might send an outreach email saying: Hello! If you're planning on buying a home in X market, you should check out this listing. It includes all of the amenities and features that you mentioned you're looking for, and it's at a great price. To help us better understand your specific needs and circumstances as a homebuyer, would you like to set up an appointment? We can speak more about X listing and develop a custom strategy to see if purchasing that listing is a viable investment for you. Text or call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX, or send me an email so we can book a quick meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you! Not That → Compare this targeted, hyper-focused email that speaks to the lead's existing preferences to a bland, generic email asking them to browse the listings on your site. Pro Tip: Always prioritize value. Your outreach needs to grab the attention of your website traffic and offer them something of real value. Including the address and photos of the listing that one of your leads seems to be interested in is more likely to increase the efficiency of your follow-up. By offering them the chance to speak with you about their ability to purchase the house, the lead has a lot to gain by making the appointment with you — and you're one step closer to landing a new deal. Using Meaningful Outreach to Build Relationships You already know that capturing a lead's business typically comes after multiple touchpoints. As you're moving your leads through the sales funnel, meaningful outreach will give you to chance to build trust, credibility, and provide a preview of your services. Let's say one of your internet leads is spending a lot of time online calculating a loan. If you're observing how your internet traffic is behaving on your website, you'd be aware of their focus on loan-related topics — giving you a strong edge to move forward with. When it's time for you to reach out to that lead, you can speak directly to their needs. Even if they are not yet ready to buy, you can offer them helpful tips and information about financing their upcoming purchase. Do This → You'd be able to send an outreach email saying: Hello! I hope your home buying preparations are going well. I wanted to share a few helpful pieces of information regarding mortgage loans and home financing. Did you know that there are loans with low down payment requirements and low-interest rates for qualifying buyers? I've attached resources with more information that may help you. I've also included a list of questions that you should ask as you're looking for a lender to work with. If you have any specific questions or would like guidance as you take the first steps to secure financing, I would love to assist you. Let's book an appointment to speak soon. I've copied my upcoming availabilities below. Let me know what works for you and we'll move forward. I'll bring additional loan resources to our meeting as they will help you moving forward. Not That → If you had just sent an outreach email about your home buying and selling services, you would have missed out on the chance to touch on a real, pressing concern of your lead. Pro Tip: Even when you share helpful resources and real estate guides in an outreach email, always offer more with the catch of booking an appointment with you. This will incentivize your leads to keep their appointments since they'll receive custom tips and information by attending. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown