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Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM

Revamped, Redesigned and Refined: Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM


Why choose Referral Maker CRM?

Buffini & Company’s award-winning contact manager makes running a profitable business easy!

Smart. Set your financial & personal goals, and personalized action steps are created for you.

Simple. Always know who to contact, when to contact them, and what to say.

Focused. Generate a steady stream of referrals from people you want to work with.

Powerful. A robust real estate customer relationship manager for generating high-quality leads.


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Referral Maker CRM: Stop Chasing Leads. Start Making Money.

Revamped. Redesigned. Refined. Referral Maker CRM is still the industry’s most powerful CRM, but with a fresh new, modern look and feel and improved functionality.



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AgentOffice is a mature Contact Management Software solution in the real estate industry. It was designed by real estate agents specifically to address the needs an agent has on a day-to-day basis. AgentOffice does many things for a real estate agent with the exception of MLS access and an agent website. It also supports team activities. AgentOffice provides the ability to view all team member activities, the ability to reassign mass activities from one team member to another, and the ability to view and report on business activity by team member or the entire team. If you are working with a team, AgentOffice should be
Top Producer - Excellent CRM But Not For Everyone
We all know that changing the oil in our cars is an extremely important part of maintaining our investment. The first day we bring a new car home, we pay attention to everything and see it as something new, shiny and exciting. We pay attention to the details—keeping it clean. Changing the oil on time, making sure that the tires have the right amount of air, and when it comes to road bumps and potholes, we are very careful not to ruin our suspension. As our new car becomes the norm, we put off getting the oil changed and when in a hurry, we don't pay as much attention to the road bumps and potholes. Client Relational Management (CRM) is the foundation of a successful business. Maintenance is essential, making sure that information going in is timely, accurate and updated. This is and has always been the main issue with client relational management systems - real estate agents start with a good intent and in time, with all the other daily responsibilities, foresight becomes an oversight. Remember as a little kid going to functions that you just hated—weddings, office parties—grown up stuff? Now that you are a big kid, you understand the importance and make time to attend. That's what Top Producer is like for some. It is something that everybody seems to do, so you decide to try it, but not until you miss business opportunities with current and past clients that you start paying attention to its
Listening is Gold
I think everyone needs to listen more, especially Real Estate Agents.  We seem to focus more on what we offer and can do, rather than listening to the needs of our clients.  When we listen more, and talk less, we have an opportunity to put the client first, and also turn that listening into gold. I am not stating this is the case for ALL Agents, but some. When I first talk to my clients, I try to ask questions, and really listen to their answers, writing notes the whole time.  I keep a spiral notebook with all my client contacts, and put the start end dates, and retain these. I have 11 years worth of such books stockpiled in my home office.  Today you can use a number of client relationship management (CRM) software to store client information. It is a good reference for future contact from the same clients, when I can say “Well in 2004, you wanted a 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bath house, with 1.5 acres, but then decided to wait – what are you seeking now?”  That never fails to impress my clients.  It shows them I do care, still care, and I did