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Property Info Corporation's AgencySecure is an online service for real estate offices and brokerages that enables them to better manage their process and reduce potential claims resulting from poor quality search work. It also helps to prevent theft and mortgage fraud. AgencySecure provides online access for all agency technology and services to help you efficiently process closings, issue title policies as well as electronically report, pay and store the closed file documents, in addition to improving the title search process and general quality of searches, AgencySecure helps you reduce title claims and escrow losses. It lowers your costs by making it easy to report and pay for your policies.  AgencySecure is a solution that simplifies your underwriter audit process and improves your company image. AgencySecure is able to provide a host of product features. It delivers property validation at time of order to assure valid escrow file. It provides a proactive patriot name and fraudulent party searches (special alerts, etc.). It sends you duplicate file notification to prevent multiple transactions on one property. It offers a Stewart-managed title search with online ordering, electronic import and electronic documents. AgencySecure also provides the following features: Pre-closing down date and post-closing mortgage release verification Positive pay program to monitor issued checks against accounts Daily "three-way" bank reconciliation Suspicious disbursement activity and escrow account monitoring to identify out-of-balance files, un-cleared checks, unassigned deposits, etc Electronic file
BrokerOffice, powered by Emphasys Software, is an Enterprise Suite of products for brokers. The Suite helps you manage all aspects of your real estate business including: Custom designed websites Lead management and routing Front desk automation Transaction management Back office accounting The BrokerOffice Enterprise Suite is easy-to-use, fully-integrated, and let's you streamline your business to save time and money. Setup a demo today by emailing: [email protected]



BrokerSumo simplifies back office operations that real estate brokerages and agent teams manage on a day-to-day basis. This includes on-boarding/hiring real estate agents, managing their profile including their commission plan, monthly fees, transaction fees, license expiration dates and credit card and banking information.

It allows brokerages to bill agents’ credit cards for their monthly fees and pay them electronically with direct deposit with no transfer fees, eliminating paper checks forever. Commission disbursements are automatically generated based on the agent's commission plan.

The reporting dashboard gives the brokerage insight into their revenue and their best performing agents.

Accounting features allow users to manage their expenses, run profit and loss reports and export their data in an accountant friendly manner making tax time easier or the QuickBooks integration allows users to sync their data to QuickBooks to manage their accounting. BrokerSumo does this from one dashboard and eliminates the need for multiple products to handle these day to day operational tasks.


Related Products

Brokermint Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks is the lifeblood of any small business, but how do you best sync it with a transaction management tool for your real estate business?   Via the use of Brokermint’s Quickbooks integration for real estate, our software effortlessly moves your transaction and commission data with the push of a button! Integrate with Quickbooks online or desktop Automatically sync important transaction data including: clients, vendors, agents and all corresponding payments and commissions Our advanced mapping mechanism connects to your existing QuickBooks structure, so you don’t need to change the way you manage it Let the integration to create Invoices, Sales Receipts, Bills and Checks. 1099 your agents from QuickBooks Eliminate the need to spend hours doing crazy reconciliations Leveraging our technology solution, Brokermint users are able to automate the flow of their financial data, ensure data is kept error-free, and save hours each month by eliminating the need for double entry of important financial data.   We promise using our software you’ll become more efficient, increase profit margins, and ease the administrative workload for your staff.   Click here to start your free trial of our software and see the Brokermint Quickbooks integration in action! P.S. Use a different accounting software other than Quickbooks? Please send us a request to see what additional options we have for your business.
Kashoo Online Accounting

Kashoo provides accounting solutions for real estate brokers. Their single software application helps real estate professionals with invoices, expenses, reconciling bank statements, cash flow, and financial reports.   Business DashboardFrom the Kashoo QuickView dashboard, users can create real-time financial statements and reports. These key reports are updated as soon as new data is entered. From the Kashoo QuickView business dashboard, within one or two clicks, users can enter an expense, income, invoice, or payment. AccessibilityBecause Kashoo is cloud-based, users can access it from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. They can also use Kashoo whether they have a PC or a Mac. Multiple accounts can be created so that business partners or accountants can have access. These unlimited accounts are created free of charge. InvoicingKashoo online invoice and billing management allows users to create professional-looking invoices with their own logo and quickly send them to an unlimited number of clients. Invoices can be in any currency. Kashoo keeps track of outstanding invoices and creates alerts when any become overdue. Once payments are received and entered into Kashoo, the appropriate financial statements are updated automatically. Expense ManagementExpense management in Kashoo makes tracking expenses simple. Users can easily enter each expense, choose the currency, categorize it for tax purposes, and record when the bill is paid. Multi-CurrencyKashoo uniquely supports brokers who have businesses in multiple countries like Canada or Mexico. Customers may call 60 different countries home and do business in over 100 currencies. Kashoo small business accounting software has multi-currency support so users can invoice clients and track their expenses in multiple currencies. Exchange rates are downloaded regularly and currency gains and losses are tracked automatically. Different jurisdictions have different tax rules. Kashoo's flexible design lets users set up to support any tax rules and easily change them should the rules change. Bank ReconciliationMaintaining up-to-date books requires professionals to verify that credit card transactions and bank statements are consistent with the amounts in cash accounts. With Kashoo, users can download their monthly account or credit card statements from their bank, upload them into Kashoo and match with the appropriate already-entered transactions. Kashoo bank reconciliation is compatible with all financial institutions that allow transactions to be exported (the vast majority of financial institutions). SecurityKashoo uses leading-edge technologies to keep data safe. This includes daily backups, securing data with 128-bit SSL encryption, and multiple redundant servers (data stored in multiple locations).