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Track My File
Track My File is currently marketed directly to real estate companies and they emphasize that what you get with Track My File is more than the product. They stress the importance of learning how to integrate transaction management processes into the business culture and their ability to help companies do this. The Document Management and Transaction Manager Product are combined. They pride themselves on offering a user-friendly system that all agents can use. Track My File is easy to navigate though the interface appears a bit dated. The Track My File team schedules a one-time consultation with new clients to get to know them, the processes they currently have in place and the way they work. Then they create custom software tailored to both the currently office requirements and workflow. This tailored, consultative approach sets Track My File apart from the competition in this regard where most vendors expect the client to adapt to their system.
Need a New Year’s Resolution?
The term, “New Year’s resolution,” is often associated with an ambitious goal that often falls flat come February.  However, if the goal is realistic and practical, it’s easier to adopt. For real estate professionals, that realistic and practical goal could be adopting a paperless platform. Going paperless is beneficial to real estate professionals in a variety of ways.  For starters, the transaction and negotiation process of buying and selling a home is riddled with paperwork that requires signing, faxing, printing etc. Eliminating this tedious process significantly increases agent efficiency and decreases
Cloud Computing and Social Media in Today's Business World
New technologies are always being released upon the public with promises of boosting efficiency and simplicity in our lives. However, for those who don’t consider themselves tech savvy, the world of new technology may seem overwhelming. It’s understandably difficult to keep up, especially for people who learned how to do their job before the digital age. Nevertheless, failing to keep up essentially gives competitors the upper hand. In most sectors of the business world, including real estate, one of the most important technological advancements of recent years is social media. Potential customers and clients are attaining information through online contacts that serve as references to make important decisions. They spend more time interacting with fellow users through online forums and groups because social media because it’s less formal and easy to use. The main reason why social media is so easy is because it incorporates cloud computing; using networks and software hosted by third