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PlanOmatic Interactive Floor Plans
PlanOmatic Interactive Floor Plans give real estate agents and brokers an attractive and interactive bird's eye view of their listing's layout. These can be uploaded to the agent or broker's website, as well as linked to the listing for online visitors to view and customize for their own personal visualization. Instead of the agent or broker having to measure out the dimensions of each room and submit drawings for approval, PlanOmatic sends their professionals out to do a walk-through of the property. They measure the property, and take high resolution photos of the property, if they agent would like to add a photo package to their floor plan. Everything is done in one appointment, to minimize the time commitment on the part of the agent or broker. Once they have gathered the information and photographs they need, PlanOmatic technicians will create an interactive, dimensionally correct floor plan mapping all areas inside the home, including garage and storage areas. Floor plan features include room dimensions, labels and objects. They offer a 3-D floor plan feature along with access to their online software; this allows for potential buyers to go one step further in visualizing the potential of the property. Home buyers can use the software to drag-and-drop furniture onto the floor plan, as well as view a 3-D rendered model. This helps the home buyer answer questions like, "Does my bed fit in the master bedroom? How about the sofa in the living room?" PlanOmatic guarantees a two business-day turnaround on all floor plans and photos. Their interactive floor plans are available in the following areas: California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Nevada Missouri New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Rhode Island Virginia Washington
360° Spherical Aerial Panorama Photography
  AZ ChopperCam’s 360° Spherical Aerial Panorama Photography provide real estate agents and brokers a unique form of photography. AZ Chopperis the only aerial photo company in Arizona who can offer very low level aerial photography (below 100' above ground) up to high altitude aerial photography (6,000'+ above ground). They have designed our own camera mounting system that attaches to our helicopters and allows the camera to rotate 360° in the pan axis.  This combined with using a special wide angle lens on their Nikon D40X & D300 cameras allows them to capture and entire sphere with a series of about 8 photos. After the shoot AZ ChopperCam brings the photos back to their studio and use software to “stitch” and blend the photos into one continuous image that can then be texture mapped onto a simulated sphere in QuickTime or Flash for display on your website.  The finished files are viewed with QuickTime or Flash and allow the viewer to interactively look at any angle. They can also convert the panoramas into 720p or 1080p hi-definition video clips. AZ ChopperCam can also shoot aerial video from either manned helicopters or unmanned "drone" type

CG Impressions

CG Impressions provide real estate agents and brokers with professional photography, photo enhancement, editing and virtual tour services. They provide the photographer, and then send the photos to the listing agent to select the shots to be used in marketing materials. GC Impressions includes several photo and virtual tour packages, depending on your marketing needs.

With photography, CG Impressions knows that high quality photos increase home buyer interest. They offer a free photo shoot, with the option to photograph your property at dusk. Customers only pay for the amount of photos they would like. These photos can be turned into a virtual tour and or posted onto a website to promote a property.

Once the agent has selected the photos, CG Impressions will enhance the photos through various editing software solutions. CG Impressions provide three levels of enhancement. They offer basic corrections like color balance, white balance, contrast, etc. They also offer Impressions Style on top of the basic corrections. They also provide custom editing, where the agent can add and remove items in the picture, such as cars, or a fountain etc. If you would like to use your own photos, CG Impressions can enhance your photos as well.

CG Impressions takes these enhanced photos and turns them into a CPG Tour. These virtual tours can be linked to the MLS, agent website, or wherever else they would like. They can also be linked to REALTOR.com, Trulia, Zillow, and the 350+ other sites they feed to.


Related Products

Full Motion Video Tour by AgentCasts

AgentCasts offers Full Motion Video Tours to real estate professionals. AgentCasts delivers a complete full-motion real estate video tour solution available 'on-location', across the entire United States. These video tours offer a professional videography session, pristine video editing and production, web delivery and their total online video marketing package. AgentCasts offers four packages: Package A includes a 2 minute video, Package B includes a 3 ½ minute video, Package C includes a 5 minute video and 5 DVDs, and Package D includes a 5 minute video, 10 DVDs and custom video players branded with your logo, not ours. To order a full motion video tour, you simply select a package and run through their secure shopping cart online. If you are a first time user you submit your basic business information form so that they can set up your video channel. Then you fill out your video tour appointment scheduling form to select your desired filming date and time. AgentCast will confirm your appointment with you, and your property is then filmed by their videographer. After this your footage is edited in AgentCasts’ production studio, and your video tour is delivered via email within 5 business days. After you review and approve your finished video, AgentCast will launch it online to the video and podcasting sites. Every video includes: · Video player widgets for a great viewing experience on your website or blog. · A clean, unbranded video display page for linking your video tours to your MLS. · Web video and podcast distribution of your video for total web marketing saturation. ·  Video hosting & streaming on our blazing-fast servers for the life of your listing.
HDR Photography Package by Premier Digital Photography

Premier Digital Photography provides high dynamic range (HDR) photography packages to real estate professionals to help them present their listings in the best light. Premier Digital Photography provides professionally shot still images for print or web. They currently service all of Southern California area, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Features include: Between 15-25 stills with different exposures taken Stills are retouched and edited with special software Slideshow with background music Agent contact information on the slideshow Next day pictures delivery via e-mail, then agent gets the slideshow and the stills on DVD within 48 hrs Free YouTube upload Agents can also choose to purchase the Twilight Photography "Add - On" or the service of posting on REALTOR.com from Premier Digital Photography.  Premier Digital Photography can also design and print 100 custom designed flyers or create an individual property website at an additional charge.