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Make a Strong First Impression!visibility report social impact

Manage all aspects of your online presence from Facebook posts to online reviews!

Social Broadcaster- Manage Social Accounts with One Login!

Features include:

  • Post directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Homes Connect Website!
  • Post Listings with Links back to website
  • Mobile App Available (iOs & Android)
  • Auto Post Options for: New Listings, Open Houses, Price Reductions


Social Wall- Automatically Post Updates

Turn your website homepage into a much more interactive and “living” page, made up of a stream of information from your social network, including information about your listings and listing changes.

Features include:

  • Automatically updates your website, by simply capturing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  • Diplays new listings
  • Updates for price reductions
  • Post Open Houses as soon as they are created, with updates 24 hours before they are set to occur

Reputation Manager - Easily expand your brand's visibility

Here’s How Reputation Manager Will Help You:

  • Visibility: From one page, you can add or edit your existing profile information on social networks, the most important search reputation managerengines including Google and Bing, and over 20 business directories like City Search and review sites like Yelp!
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get real-time alerts when your brand is mentioned so that you can promote or address comments accordingly.
  • Reviews:. Automatically review the ratings that have been posted online about your business.
  • Competition: This powerful tool shows your online share of voice compared to your competition. Enter a competitor’s name and view how you can compare and which key terms consumers are using to find you online.
  • Mentions: This section compiles all instances of your business appearing online in one convenient place, eliminating the need to visit dozens of separate sites.
  • Social: Easily monitor your brand’s social networking presence by viewing all of your social activity, Facebook “Likes”, Twitter followers, and more.
  • Reporting: In addition to receiving executive reports, you can opt to receive daily alerts, any time there is social activity, your business is reviewed and mentioned.


Concierge Service - Your Own Social Media Assistant

Concierge Service provides your own social media assistant to manage your social media efforts including:

  • Setup accounts and create posts
  • Develop local content for articles
  • Produce local videos.
  • Add and share pins on Pinterest

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The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media in Real Estate
Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 11:00 AM PDT Social media is all about top of mind awareness and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is to tell the story of your brand, your company, what you stand for. Learn how to prepare, execute and engage your followers and these influencer pro-tips. Register
How to Create a Social Media Manifesto
Social media is vital to your business, by helping to validate your brand, increase traffic to your website and open the lines of communication between you and your customers. If you don't have a compass to guide you on the digital sphere, it might be time you create your own social media manifesto. This statement of ideals and intentions will help you foster a commitment and enable you to stay the course for why you're really on social media. The reason for creating a social media manifesto is not just being on social media for the sake of being there – but rather what is your driving force for being there? Make this your personal declaration to serve as a bold statement of principles. You want to provoke change within your space – so what will you stand for as a real estate agent on social media? Consider the Why – Before the How The why goes before the how. If you're on social media just to be on it – then you're wasting a golden opportunity to connect, listen, educate and engage with your audience. What Makes You Different? How will you appeal to the heart of your audience, rather than the head? Think about it this way, Apple doesn't portray themselves as technology providers – they're about innovation. So what are you about? You're an agent by profession – but you're much more than that. You're a connector, a problem-solver, a confidante, a dream maker, and a consultant. Use this as a launch pad to show your passion when developing your manifesto for social media – this is an extension of who you are. You own these channels through and through, so make sure that everything you post has a direct artery to your brand guidelines and your core values. Size Up the Competition Execute your due diligence and create a competitive analysis on what your competitors are doing in the digital world. Look at how often they post, what approach they take, and if they are actively engaging with their audience. You can often find their strengths and weaknesses on the platform, and peel a page right out of their book – or exploit the gaps in their strategy. Content Rules the Kingdom A successful social media presence is all about quality – not quantity. Creating an effective and engaging social media presence takes time and experience – but it also takes some creativity. Here are some great content ideas to ignite your creative juices. Behind the scenes Everyone loves exclusive access, so give the people what they want and peel back the real estate curtain. Have fun with it! Promote a local charity or drive Build trust with your audience by tapping into your community and showing your social responsibility. You could show past events, results from how much you've raised and promote new ones coming up. Throw it back Everyone has heard of #ThrowbackThursday. Dive into your archives and show something of yours from memory lane. It's a great personal touch! Top housewarming gifts What's the greatest housewarming gift you can think of? There are so many ways to get creative around this – and everyone needs new ideas! What's trending? The internet moves at a fast pace, and it's important to keep up with the latest trends. See how social media influencers compose a post and take a page from their book. (Hint: use the explore tab on your Instagram account for research.) Interior design tips You've been around enough homes and professional decorators to have developed a keen eye for design. Highlight some of your best tips on your blog and social. Get personal Showcase your family and friends on your account and what you would do around the home or off-hours, It adds a personal element to your brand. A day in the life of an agent It's no secret that real estate agents are machines. Design some content around what a day in the life actually looks like. Customer appreciation events Promote a customer appreciation event and show off pictures from your last one. What Does Success Look Like to You? You can use your social media vehicles to help accomplish several business objectives, but it would be wise to narrow your focus and aim to target a few primary areas. You obviously want to build up your audience, but where do you go from there? Are you using this for sales? Customer loyalty and retention? Awareness? Or is it just a platform to show your lighter side? Define your metrics and key performance indicators in order to know what to measure. Working the Plan Focus on being social – rather than just engaging in social media. This doesn't mean that you can set it and forget it, because otherwise, you might be missing out of conversations going on all around you and creative ways to interact with new audiences. Remember, one size doesn't fit all on social media. How you would frame a piece of content on Twitter can be completely different on Instagram. You have to work with these parameters to tell your story. For example, you have to work with 280 characters or less on Twitter, whereas on Instagram you can let a high-resolution image tell your story, with the ability to add text in your caption, along with up to 30 hashtags to expand its reach. To view the original article, visit the IXACT Contact
Keeping Your Facebook Strategy Up-to-Date in a Social Media World
Facebook is the most powerful social media platform for real estate agents, bar none. Why Facebook? As the real estate industry embraces digital marketing, it has become the no. 1 resource for building and maintaining long-term relationships. Twitter can be good for prospecting, LinkedIn is a gateway to luxury buyers, but nothing beats Facebook's overall utility. With nearly 2.4 billion monthly active users, including approximately 255 million in the United States and Canada, Facebook is still the go-to social media site for most people. Facebook also owns the photography-focused platform Instagram, a natural fit for real estate agents and brokers. If you master Facebook, you'll have an easier time maximizing Instagram. Many of the core features are similar, so it's almost like learning two different networks at once. Among the younger generation of real estate agents, many careers started with creating a Facebook page. Of course, most established agents and brands have also set up a Facebook business page. But what comes after that? All too many real estate pros haven't taken the opportunity to get hands-on with their account. And even if you use Facebook regularly, there are always ways to get more momentum from it. Facebook has evolved quickly over the last few years, and even experts don't always use it to the best of their ability. So, as the real estate market revs up for its post-pandemic bounce, now's the ideal time to take a second look at your social media strategy. Start by Tweaking Your Facebook Fundamentals Every social media network has profile elements you have to fill out to be taken seriously. Not having these is the equivalent of trying to sell homes while looking like the generic Twitter egg. However, once you set up all the different facets of your profile, it's a good idea to revisit and see how they reflect you now. Your headshot makes a vital first impression. It should convey confidence and professionalism, laying a solid foundation for trust. A high-quality, well-lit photo is essential. And it should be current: Even though there's no deceit involved, an image that's more than five years old can still smack of the old dating profile switcharoo. Your unique value proposition also comes through in the copy that accompanies your profile images. That includes both the plain text on the page and the cover image, where you can include your brand name, slogan, and a call to action. It's a great idea to showcase recent events or time-sensitive offers in your header, too. Ensure your text makes these points crystal clear: What you do Who you do it for What makes you different No one can be all things to all people, so give your ideal client something to connect with right away. Your Facebook page is the perfect place to publicize lead magnets, such as detailed local real estate market reports. Last but not least, be sure your Facebook page reflects your values: That is, the why behind what you do. When clients choose between two businesses that look similar to them, the one with values that resonate is usually the one they contact first. That's equally true for both large agencies and one-person operations. Consider an Interactive Cover Image Facebook has recently expanded the types of cover images you can choose from. In addition to the static cover images of yore, you can also design a video or slideshow cover. To qualify, your pre-recorded video must be: At least 820x312 Under 91 seconds long A maximum of 1080p In MP4 or MOV format Less than 1.75 gigabytes Music and other audio are allowed, but all videos start with the sound turned off. Users will have to click on your video to un-mute it, and many won't, even if they are interested in your message. With that in mind, aim to communicate without the need for audio. If you include dialogue, use subtitles. Video covers are effective because the majority of people browse Facebook on their phone. Videos are the most popular content on mobile devices: They can be consumed quickly and are far more memorable than plain text. Still, there's another visual option that's easier to set up on your page. To create a slideshow cover, all you need is a few beautiful, branded photos saved to a folder on your computer. Click the camera icon that appears on the upper left corner of your cover image, then upload your files in the exact order you would like people to see them. Voila – your new cover is ready. Technically, what Facebook offers is a "slider," not a "slideshow." Users will need to manually click through the images to view them. Still, you might be surprised just how many people do so, whether they're visiting your Facebook page on mobile or desktop. Make sure your shots are enticing! Add an Interactive Call-to-Action Button Many people write out a text-based call to action on their cover image, but Facebook has a built-in solution that may be more elegant. As you edit your page, you'll find "Add a Button" on the top right. This brings up a selection of targeted CTA buttons you can choose from, like "Schedule an Appointment." Name Your Page With a custom username, you can give your Facebook page a short, branded URL that visitors are more likely to remember. From your main business page interface, you'll find the "Create @username" option below your page's name. A short, catchy name that fits with your current branding is your best bet. Set Up Your Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply Facebook has big plans for Messenger as a primary point of contact between businesses and users. Messenger is being integrated across Facebook's digital properties on a variety of levels, and it can help you make a strong impression even when you're not around. One powerful way to use it is Auto-Reply. An Auto-Reply response can be directed to anyone who sends you a Facebook message from your page. In your "Manage Page" column, click on "Inbox," then "automated responses." In the right column, you'll see an option that says "Instant reply." Click the "edit" tag under this header and write your desired message. Configure Your Notifications If Facebook is a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, you'll want to optimize it to be highly responsive to activity on your page. Facebook provides options to receive a notification any time someone "likes" your page, makes a comment, or posts a question. Notifications can be in-app or issued to you as texts. At the left of your screen, find the "Manage Page" bar. From there, click on "Settings," then "Notifications." Select the option to get a notification any time there is activity on your brand page. Then, scroll down and pick text messaging as your preferred notification style to help you avoid notification clutter. Use Automation to Keep Your Facebook Page Active and Engaging You have a lot of information to share — but you probably don't have hours to update your page! Facebook automation is the answer. With a social media automation tool like Facebook Connector, you can easily configure instant, event-based updates. That means new listings, important property updates, and open house announcements will appear right on your Facebook page as they happen. DeltaNET® 6 users can also take Facebook to the next level with automation through the platform. Combine automation with these other crucial tweaks, and you're on your way to unlocking the full value of Facebook. From first impressions to closing day, your Facebook page can be one of your most versatile tools. RE Technology readers can try DeltaNET 6 FREE for 30 days. To view the original article, visit the Delta Media Group