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Cloud Streams
Cloud Streams leverages MLS data to help agents collaborate with their clients. Buyers receive listing alerts by email and/or text in real-­time via desktop, tablet or iPhone app. Listing alerts link directly back to the client's personalized communication stream. While consumers benefit from Cloud Streams' modern design and easy to use interface, brokers and agents benefit from the branded, photo-­rich content. With Cloud Streams' client portals, you can easily keep track of the properties that your clients like, dislike, and comment on. Client activity notifications are sent directly to your
Top Producer
Top Producer 8i is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps users manage tasks and relationships and to organize leads, manage repeat clients, referrals and sales. The 5 steps of top producer are to get more leads, turn leans into sales, convert more web leads, offer stellar client service and grow market share. Benefits include: Stay in Touch with Leads- Post on Facebook, follow on Twitter, send email, postcards, and letters. No matter how an agent prefer to connect – and how regularly – Top Producer is designed to help Know Exactly Who to Call, When, and What to Say - Agents can engage their database Access Anytime, Anywhere - Top Producer Mobility - Agents can access their database from their Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry® or Palm™ device Discover and Focus on Activities that Drive Business Growth - Top Producer shows agents where their business is coming from. They can track where leads are coming from, what new leads have come in, and which of their prospects are ready to transact. Top Producer 8i gives agents insight into their clients' situation, so they can convert more leads to appointments, and more appointments to sales. Win Repeat Business and Referrals - Top Producer 8i was designed to help agents engage before the transaction with relevant, timely information, ensuring they are the agent of choice when it's time to make a move, and they can stay in touch for weeks, months or years. Know the next 10 people you need to call - Everyday. Top Producer 8i helps agents reach out to their sphere, showing them who they need to call and when. Live reports show agents who is ready to transact, giving them a reason to make that call, and live connections to social media like Facebook and Twitter give them something relevant to talk



SharperAgent by Market Leader is a software offering real estate industry a marketing suite. In addition to having access to over 2,000 marketing templates, a subscription gives the user 24-hour online access to key marketing tools to help them achieve their goals. The software includes pre-built campaigns and a contact manager, designed to help make building a repeat and referral business more attainable. This software is offered in three levels.

SharperAgent features include:

  • 2,000+ templates;
  • Contact manager;
  • Online calendar;
  • e-mail campaign and e-mail reporting.


Users are given access to the targeted library database of marketing content.  This includes over 2,000 pieces that can be e-mailed, professionally printed, or printed at their home or office.


With the Contact Manager subscribers can manage their database, organize contacts, and track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The online calendar allows them to schedule reminders and remember important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays.

The drip marketing e-mail campaigns help users stay in touch with internet leads, clients, & prospects using custom or pre-built campaigns.

The three levels of SharperAgent’s marketing software are:

  1. ShaperAgent
  2. SharperAgent Platinum
  3. Marketing in Motion 

SharperAgent is explained above.  SharperAgent Platnium in essence combines both SharperAgent and Marketing in Motion.  It includes all the same features as SharperAgent, but it also includes the Marketing in Motion animated home shows. Marketing in Motion provides animated home shows, a contact manager, and e-mail reporting service.


Related Products


AltosConnect by Altos Research is an automated lead capture and drip email marketing solution for real estate professionals.  This report marketing tool is included in all Altos Research Premium and Professional subscriptions. With AltosConnect agents and brokers can automatically send their personalized market data reports to their leads, clients, prospects, and contacts. AltosConnect includes a contact form widget that an agent can drop into their website. They will need to insert a couple of lines of code.  After doing so this contact form up will be active on their site. When website visitors fill out the Contact Form, the requested market report is immediately sent and their contact information is logged into their AltosConnect database. How AltosConnect works: Add offline and online contacts to personal Altos Research account Choose which Personalized Market Reports to send each week
Automated Email Marketing System by Happy Grasshopper

Real Estate Agents have a problem. They’re always ready to sell, but people are very rarely ready to buy. Often, agents turn to email marketing to help solve this problem, but their messages focus on the needs of the sender. They send market reports, just listed & sold postings, or home buyer tips ... these could be helpful to someone who’s actively looking for a home. Otherwise? Not so much. Happy Grasshopper has a better way. Happy Grasshopper’s messages focus on the recipient. Instead of trying to sell to someone who’s not ready to buy, they focus on starting conversations that lead to deeper relationships. Our professional writers create engaging, conversation-starting messages & send them for you every 3 weeks. That’s 17 emails per year to help you maintain the relationships that are essential to your successful business. And Happy Grasshopper does it all for you. We call it Effortless e-Nurturing. Treat your customers like friends instead of sales opportunities. Thousands of agents and other professionals rely on Happy Grasshopper to help them keep in touch. Try e-Nurturing with Happy Grasshopper. Stay in touch, effortlessly. You’ll get happy; we guarantee it. Our clients love us and you will too! We have group discounts and revenue sharing models for every organization. We’d love to meet you and discuss your unique needs. We’ll be serving up chocolate covered bugs when you stop by!