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Top Producer IDX and Top Producer Websites



Stop keeping it a secret and let the world know with a Top Producer Website.

Almost 90% of consumers use the Internet as a key part of their home search. To make more green, you’ve got to be seen – and a Top Producer Website makes sure consumers can find you online. Show consumers you’re the expert and start generating leads with fully integrated IDX.

Get your new website up and running in just minutes:


100s of cust omizable and professional designs


Web leads auto added to Top Producer for easy follow-up


Pre-loaded with content, including 100s of real estate articles plus Community School Reports


Easy to use listing updates and editing tools


Password protected client support pages


Import listing details and photos from Top Producer with the click of a mouse


Switch to a Top Producer Website and get a fully customizable site with powerful functionality, lead generating real estate content, and easy integration with Top producer and Market Snapshot


For additional information or to place an order, click here or call 1(888) 547.5331.


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How Long Does It Take to Convert Online Real Estate Leads?
Feeling frustrated that your online real estate leads aren't converting? Or does it seem like they're taking forever? Here's the truth: online real estate leads take longer to convert than other sources and may convert at a lower rate than other sources like referrals, call-ins, etc. The average incubation rate for online real estate leads is anywhere from six to 24 months. The national average conversion rate for online real estate leads is usually reported to be between 2-3%. However, The National Association of Realtors® disclosed that the rate is actually closer to 0.4% – 1.2%. So, that means for every 100 leads you generate and work, you may convert two or three, and it may take a while to see it happen. I know what you're thinking—but don't be discouraged! With a seamless system in place designed to work and convert those leads, online leads can still be a lucrative part of your business. The name of the game is to leverage automation tools and technology services that allow you to work these leads without investing too much of your own valuable time. Build a Seamless Online Lead System First, make sure you have all of the necessary elements in place to turn those leads into closed deals. We recommend focusing on these three things: Speed to Lead It's critical to reach out within five to 15 minutes of the lead registering on your site. This is your best opportunity to make an impression! However, this is where many agents drop the ball. At BoomTown, we conducted a study of 40k+ agents and found that the average response time for an online lead was nearly 90 minutes. Yikes! That's enough time to lose an opportunity. It's impossible to stay glued to your desk all day. It's simply not the best use of your time! Plus, some leads might register on your site during the middle of the night or while you're on vacation. So this is a good area to rely on technology or a new hire in order to give focused attention to reaching out to leads. With BoomTown's Lead Concierge Service, Success Assurance, we generate and qualify your leads on your behalf (24/7 in as little as 90 seconds) and nurture them for up to one year. This way, no lead gets left behind. Qualification Have a plan for qualifying your leads and tagging/categorizing them appropriately within your CRM. The goal is to get as much useful information as you can as soon as possible. Like, LPMAMA: Location, Price Range, Motivation, Agent (are they working with one?), Mortgage (are they pre-approved?), and Appointment. (Note: If you're leveraging a Lead Concierge Service or an ISA, this should be a part of what they handle for you!) Pro Tip! Leverage your technology partner to embed qualifying questions within your IDX website. For example, when they're sharing their contact information with you, including the questions, "Are you pre-approved?" and "Do you have a house to sell?"  Follow-Up and Long Term Nurture Plug your leads into the right nurture plan to continue delivering timely soft touches with helpful information. You should be able to automate this within your CRM! Trust the Process If those three strategies are in place, the next thing you should do—be patient and trust the process. Yes, yes, I know it's not the sexy answer but it's the right answer. Online leads are "top-of-funnel," which means many of them are just beginning their search. They may be months away from being ready to transact. In fact, the average is six to 24 months. So you need to understand the lead funnel and the process of slowly moving leads through it, nurturing them so that when they are ready—you are their go-to agent! Remember: Your database is a powerful tool. Keep fueling it, keep working your pipeline. Stay on top of your systems and trust the process. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
9 Reasons Why It's So Important to Have Your Own Domain
Not all websites are created equal. Just as no two real estate agents are the same, each agent's website highlights the differences between other agents vying for the marketplace. Though content is king, it's important to understand that even your website's domain name has a significant impact on your performance and perception. Here are nine benefits and advantages of having a custom domain name: 1. It's a No-Brainer Why should you have a custom domain name? Why not? It's simple, especially when you're trying to encourage clients to access it. Instead of asking clients to remember a confusing web address, simply adding a ".com" to your business name makes engagement effortless. It also makes it easier for clients to find you passively, for instance, when they search for you online. If they search "John Smith" and find "," they'll know that they've found the correct address. 2. It Gives You a Leg-Up on the Competition Do you know how many of the other agents in your market have their own custom domain names? Chances are high there are many which simply use web addresses provided by a hosting site. By locking down your custom domain name, you have another leg-up on the competition by demonstrating your legitimacy. 3. It Demonstrates Legitimacy How does having a custom domain address demonstrate legitimacy? First, it shows that you're using the latest technologies. Though websites are nothing new, you'd be surprised how many agents still do not use custom domain names despite the relative ease of obtaining one. It also helps a user feel more comfortable following your link. "" appears much more legitimate than "" 4. It Increases Your SEO Ranking SEO. Three letters your small business needs to know regardless of which industry you serve. If you're online, Search Engine Optimization is essential to your success. With so many other agencies selling homes in your area, you need the best search ranking possible on Google. Having a custom domain is one way to increase your SEO ranking in the eyes of Google's algorithm. 5. It Enables Custom Email Addresses Similar to your web address itself, your email addresses are small yet important elements of how your business is perceived. Sure, an or address will work just the same, but having an address will once again enhance your legitimacy and reassure customers that you're the real deal. 6. It Elevates Your Brand The brand you've cultivated in the real world can be easily integrated into the digital world with a custom website address. It also helps your brand consistency to have a legitimate domain name that matches your other online profiles, like your social media accounts. 7. It Enhances Your Branding "Branding" is different from "brand." Your brand is the business; your branding is what your business does. For instance, you may be a luxury real estate agent, but the content you supply that highlights your listings is an act of branding. A custom domain name is an investment. When clients click that link, they're taken to your website to interact with you through your branding. If you're trying to wow your luxury home market, for example, your domain name is the doorway to these interactions. 8. It Opens Potential for New Leads You don't need an open house to generate new "walk-in" leads. As you strengthen your website's content with a custom domain, you increase the chances that new customers will organically visit your site when they find it through a search engine. With the right tools, you can convert these visits to potential leads by continuing to engage them after they've left your site. 9. It May Be the Future of Virtual Businesses Thousands of new websites are created each day, which means many domain names become unavailable every instant. It's clear that more and more agents are adopting custom domain names. Keep in mind other agents may also scoop up domain names that you're interested in. Delta Media Group's digital marketing platform will easily integrate your custom domain, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from your online presence. If you lack a custom domain name, we encourage you to consider these advantages and discover how quickly a new website address can benefit your agency. RE Technology users can try DeltaNet 6 FREE for 30 days. To view the original article, visit the Delta Media Group
How to Get Cold Leads to Fall Back in Love with You
The real estate market is booming, but if you find yourself still looking to fill some slots on your dance card, it may be time to dust off your old address book and drum yourself up some Valentine's Day business. Find out how to attract the attention of buyers in your market and get them ready to commit to working with