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iAnalyzeREI is web-based software that immediately analyzes commercial and multi-family income properties. This software brings you a user-friendly interface, step-by-step data gathering, automatic analysis revision, and a sell price evaluation feature. A key selling point for this software is the professional report it produces at the end of a full property analysis. These include a comprehensive, organized view of property analysis. The report includes: Summary A full description Detailed report on the cash flow A financial forecast A variety of colorful graphics Price sale evaluation Resale information Prices Optional comparisons with other buildings. Together, all of these sections create an overall professional and aesthetically pleasing report. There is also a feature at the bottom of the report which enables a visitor to indicate their interest in the property and fill out their name and email, or else they can forward the information to a friend. Once completed, two version of the reports are sent directly to you, one with a personalized company logo, and one without any branding. Two other features can be added to your iAnalyzeREI software: Widget and iMarketREI. A complimentary widget calculator is available to upload to your website. iMarketREI is a marketing software that allows you to market your properties for free with the iAnalyzeREI software.
LeaseRunner is a web-based solution designed to improve the leasing process for landlords, RE investors, and leasing agents/brokers. LeaseRunner integrates: Applications - process digital applications online. Screen potential tenants with background checks Sign lease agreements online with electronic signatures. Choose one of the documents available in the LeaseRunner library or import your own document. Collect payments and generate reports online rental applications, tenant screening, lease e-signing, and rent payments into a simple digital process. All of this occurs in a secure online environment, so you and your clients don't need to worry about the safety of their

Property Evaluator

Real Estate Tools' Property Evaluator is a real estate analysis software for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. A real estate professional can enter some information about the property to view financial projections that show a comparison between properties. Agents can email a PDF of the financial projections to their clients, lenders or investment partners.

Features include:

  • Enter some information about the property by tapping Property Data
  • Look at the Buy and Hold Projection to see a 30-year financial projection with an income analysis, loan analysis, and sale analysis
  • Email the financial projection to clients or investment partners as a PDF file
  • Touch the Map button to locate the property using Google Maps
  • Take a Photo and store it with the property
  • The Property Data screen shows a top-level financial analysis of the investment property.
  • The Purchase section shows the details of the property purchase. The Initial Cash Invested includes Downpayment, Closing Costs, and Fixup Costs
  • The Income section calculates Operating Income as the Gross Rent minus the Vacancy Loss
  • The Expenses section shows all of the homebuyer's expenses in monthly and annual amounts, and adds them up to get the Operating Expenses
  • The Net Performance section shows the Net Operating Income and Cash Flow
  • The Financial Metrics section shows several metrics that allow agent to conduct a to do a comparison between properties
  • The Assumptions section lets the agent change any of the assumptions that are used in the financial analysis

Property Evaluator is designed to evaluate buy and hold real estate investments. It is intended for investors to use to analyze deals before they buy.


Related Products

MoveScore by RealAgile

RealAgile’s TheMoveScore™ is a market analytics software for brokers and agents that ranks the likelihood of a homeowner selling their home within six months, relative to other households in the area. The ranking, or MoveScore, was developed by RealAgile professionals who have nationally recognized expertise in real estate and urban land economics. The basis of MoveScore is a mathematical discipline called Predictive Analytics. The best-known example of Predictive Analytics is the FICO score used to evaluate an individual’s creditworthiness. Predictive Analytics leverages a variety of techniques from statistics and data mining to analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future events. The MoveScore relies on information about demographics, properties, and other relevant data obtained from various third parties. The MoveScore effectively predicted that in one 16,000-home territory, 20% of homes with the highest MoveScores would generate 48% of the actual sales. This actually occurred in the following six months. The right to use The MoveScore™ is sold exclusively to one REALTOR® per customized market area. This means that a specific home will only be included in the exclusive MoveScore™ ranked list. The MoveScore™ is generated every month, reacting to changes in the REALTOR®’s exclusive area. The MoveScore™ is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
Property Fixer

Property Fixer is designed for real estate agents to aid their investor clients who are flipping properties. Users can: Analyze a property in 5 minutes Change the holding period from 0 to 12 months to see how it affects your profit Email a professional PDF report to your clients, lenders, or investment partners Brand the report with your name and logo Available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, this app features a standard version, as well as two upgraded versions. The standard version limits you to a single property and three expenses. The premium allows analysis of multiple properties, and gives you the ability to email PDFs. The Pro version features all of that, plus: Portfolio Analysis Multiple Photos Multi-Unit and Commercial Properties Itemized Improvements and Closing Costs Branded Cover Page, Header, and Footer