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wnt re tec headerwolfnet lead tracker barDetermine return on investment for your Internet advertising dollars. This illuminating product informs you where your Internet leads come from with remarkable accuracy. LeadTracker tracks your website visitors and remembers them each time they return.

Each time a website visitor arrives on your® property search solution, LeadTracker captures the referring URL. When the visitor inquires on your search solution, the referring URL is provided to you via email notification, as well as displayed in the BackOfficeSM and LeadManagerSM.

features bar

  • View and track lead source
  • Accurately measure ROI for Internet advertising
  • Automatically remembers returning leads

LeadTracker requires a® property search® property search solution. Pricing information can be found on the IDX PricingIDX Pricing page. Please contact WolfNet® SalesWolfNet® Sales for more information.

The BackOfficeSM reporting section displays the source for each web site visitor that has registered on your® property search solution.


wolfnet leadtracker BackOfficereporting


The BackOfficeSM User Details section includes the source for the lead that registered on your® property search solution.


wolfnet leadtracker BackOfficeUserDetails


The lead detail in LeadManagerSM includes the source for the lead that inquired or registered on your® property search solution.


wn leadtracker leadmanager


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