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360 Virtual Tour Software
RTV's 360° Virtual Tour software and hardware creates virtual tours for real estate agents. Virtual tours can be embedded into your personal or single property website, MLS listings, or emailed to your client. 360° Virtual Tour software provides features like: 360° panoramas with navigational hot-spots Integrated slideshows Floor plans Voice-overs Virtual tour hit traffic reporting Interactive 2D floorplans 3D floorplans, and more. With 360° Virtual Tours, every tour you create is IDX compliant, meaning it is compatible with both your MLS system and personal website. You can also distribute virtual tours to and many other portal web sites. RTV has three virtual tour kits to meet your needs. There's the Rotator Mini Kit for those who already have a digital camera and a tripod and only need the software. This kit contains 360° Virtual Tour software on a CD so you can install it to your desktop. The next kit is the Rotator X3, intended for those who already own a camera but do not have a tripod. The kit includes the software CD, and a professional tripod. The final kit is called the Complete Kit. As stated, it is for those who do not have a camera or a professional tripod. This kit comes with the software CD, camera and
360° Spherical Aerial Panorama Photography
  AZ ChopperCam’s 360° Spherical Aerial Panorama Photography provide real estate agents and brokers a unique form of photography. AZ Chopperis the only aerial photo company in Arizona who can offer very low level aerial photography (below 100' above ground) up to high altitude aerial photography (6,000'+ above ground). They have designed our own camera mounting system that attaches to our helicopters and allows the camera to rotate 360° in the pan axis.  This combined with using a special wide angle lens on their Nikon D40X & D300 cameras allows them to capture and entire sphere with a series of about 8 photos. After the shoot AZ ChopperCam brings the photos back to their studio and use software to “stitch” and blend the photos into one continuous image that can then be texture mapped onto a simulated sphere in QuickTime or Flash for display on your website.  The finished files are viewed with QuickTime or Flash and allow the viewer to interactively look at any angle. They can also convert the panoramas into 720p or 1080p hi-definition video clips. AZ ChopperCam can also shoot aerial video from either manned helicopters or unmanned "drone" type

Movie Tours by Digital Magic Productions

Digital Magic Productions provides a number of movie tour add-ons and packages for real estate professionals.  A movie tour is a presentation of the property offering online customers an incredible view of every room in an easy to use movie format.  Real estate agents and brokers have the option to add a custom movie tour onto their Digital Magic Virtual Tour Package, or purchase a custom movie tour.

These movie tours were created to give online customer a smooth, sharp, panning view of multiple rooms in an agent or broker’s listing. The movie tours are created from still images, to eliminate camera jitter, and control the lighting.  

Digital Magic Productions’ movie tours providesupport for multiple platforms and multiple devices. These video presentations are compatible with any computer system, and will also stream through to an iPhone/iPod or BlackBerry Smartphone.

Agents and brokers can purchase these movie tours in the following forms:

1.)          Pro Agent Movie – Up to 30 scene movie tour with pans and transitions.  Pricing is passed on square footage of the house

2.)          Movie Tour Add-on- Includes both movie and High Definition (HD) virtual tours. Pricing is set unless an agent or broker would like to add 30 seconds, or add narration


Related Products

Agent Profile Video by AgentCasts

The Agent Profile Video is a web video marketing tool that allows real estate agents and brokers to introduce their real estate business to prospective clients and partners in an effective and engaging way. Elevate your professional profile, distinguish yourself from your competitors, build a local presence and exponentially expand your potential online - just by being yourself. AgentCasts creates your Agent Profile Video by sending out a professional videographer to film your personal branding message on-location. After shooting your video, their team expertly edits and produces it into an effective video marketing tool for promoting your business online. To get an Agent Profile Video you simply go through the simple check-out process and complete your order form online. You then submit your profile info and schedule your video filming appointment. We'll deliver your video player along with a clean display page which you can use to link your Agent Profile Video anywhere you'd like on the web. AgentCasts will then employ our powerful hosting and distribution services to make sure you get the marketing exposure your Agent Profile demands online. Agent Profile Videos include: ·      Formatting and Optimization – AgentCast’s production team optimizes your video for complete compatibility with all of your potential viewers across the web. They even embed your video with SEO technology. ·      Video Display Pages - AgentCasts creates a slick, custom video display page for every video profile they produce. ·      Web Video Saturation - YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe are just some of the sites that real estate agents are now using to place their listings in front of potential customers. AgentCast posts your Agent Video Profile to over ten of the best video sites on the web. ·      Podcasting Perfected - There's more to podcasts than iPodsTM and iTunesTM. The true value of podcasting lies in Really Simple Syndication (RSS), which delivers updated content to your viewers online automatically. ·      Hosting & Delivery, Handled - AgentCasts hosts & streams your video from their servers so that your video profile always plays smoothly. ·      Video Player Widgets - With each video you order, you get custom widget to display your video proudly online. Widgets make posting your Agent Profile Video to websites, blogs, and anywhere on the web simple - just copy & paste the widget code. ·      Script Writing Assistance – AgentCast’s production team will be happy to assist you in making the most professional presentation possible.
CPG Tours

CPG Tours is an online service that allows real estate agents to easily create virtual tours, using your own photos, in a matter of minutes. Features of this service include: • Unlimited Tours, • No Setup Fee, • Unlimited Photos- All of their tour options allow you to use unlimited photos, • Create a Tour in Minutes- CPG Tours can be created and distributed in a matter of minutes, • Create Tours Anywhere- This software is all online, so users can create/edit tours from any computer with an Internet connection (yes, even a Mac), • Customize Your Tours- Choose from a variety of interfaces and music, customizing each tour, • Real-Time Updates- Changes are 'live' the instant the user clicks Save, with no need to redistribute the tour, • MLS Compliant- The CPG Tour includes both a branded and unbranded version, • Viewer Statistics- Real-time statistics will show tour traffic, and where it's coming from, • Tour Distribution- CPG Tours provides direct submission to, Trulia, Zillow,, AOL, MSN, Wall Street Journal, and many more top national and regional sites.