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Goby SeaSuite
Become more energy efficient with Goby's SeaSuite platform. It is an energy management and regulatory compliance app created for commercial real estate professionals looking to save their clients time and money. Their platform helps by capturing and distilling multiple building data sources into simple, contextualized dashboards, tasks, and reports. The Goby SeaSuite system manages: Data collection and entry Sustainability reporting and certifications Vendors and teams Goby's SeaSuite also helps track performances. Clients can utilize them to track sustainability on a single cloud-based interfaced. Goby's goal is to help their clients average 5-10% in cost reductions just by tracking performance. They also help customers maintain compliance. Their platform is set up so that the client can utilize the coupled dashboard and along with Goby's team. Goby helps clients ensure compliance with regulatory and reporting ordinances, Energy Star, and LEE certifications. Finally, Goby is there to help their clients manage risk. SeaSuite helps their customers become more aware of their individual exposure to the rising costs of energy, water, waste, and other utilities. SeaSuite customers are able to report to their stakeholders in each of these

Consulting & Coaching by Dakno

Dakno Real Estate Marketing provide a number of coaching and consulting services to real estate professionals.  Acting as their clients’ in-house marketing department, Dakno meets with their clients to listen to their needs.  After Dakno professionals analyze their clients’ needs, their marketing coaches and account managers will review and consult on the following areas of business:

  1. Domain Name Selection & Consultation
  2. Target Market Identification
  3. Personal Branding versus Service Branding
  4. Brand Development (including logo design & tagline development)
  5. Site Map Development
  6. SEO Best Practices
  7. Viral Marketing Concepts
  8. Website Evaluation with Dakno's WebAssess TM
  9. Website Traffic Analytics with Dakno's WebEnsure TM
  10. Unique Site Interaction Opportunities

Any and all of these disciplines are available to you via one of Dakno's Monthly Marketing Retainer packages or on an hourly bases. To schedule your initial free Dakno consultation, feel free to contact Dakno directly.


Related Products