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ListHub for Agents

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ListHub has online marketing reports for Agents!

If your company has subscribed to ListHub under the free program for distributing listings online, agents within the company may access ListHub online marketing reports and listing presentation flyers. These tools are a great way for agents to gain the competitive edge in their market!

What's Included In The Listhub Agent Upgrade?

  • ONLINE MARKETING REPORTS Critical data metrics rolled up for your listings. Valuable marketing intelligence revealed!
    • Channel Comparison: Side-by-side analysis of the number of visits and leads generated from each channel – Protect yourself from wasted ad dollars! LHagent1
    • Property Analysis: Find out what types of properties are attracting the most traffic for smart farming!
    • Online Consumer Maps: Local or relo? Find out where your online buyers are coming from!
  • MARKETING MATERIAL FOR SELLERS Impress your sellers with the breadth of your listing exposure and reporting on the results!
    • eMarketing Flyers: Get more listings by introducing your online marketing strategy in your listing presentations!
    • Seller Reports: Email or print individual listing reports to demonstrate the results from major property search sites. Sellers love it!
    • Automatically Email or Schedule Regular Delivery Of Seller Reports!



Includes reports for unlimited listings!


$129 a year –


1-5 Agents: $39/monthly

6-20 Agents: $79/monthly

21-60 Agents: $129/monthly

61-100 Agents: $259/monthly

101-300 Agents: $399/monthly

Choose an annual payment and you’ll receive two months free!


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