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Build Top-of-Mind Awareness in Your Community

Create an online brand and draw attention to your other online marketing effortsRDCFeature Agent column image

  • Market to Local, Regional, and National Consumers
    Demonstrate your local market area savviness with targeted ads on® 
  • Optimize your Branding
    Enable lead capture forms and turn your ad into a complete lead generation system 
  • Work with Us to Match Advertising
    Link to your webpage and offer guide books and homes buying and selling resources 
  • Get Referrals
    Our experts will help you with the creative that will drive the results you are looking for 
  • Automatic Lead Capture
    Top Producer® CRM can be configured to manage your leads more effectively 

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Meeting Gen Y's Demand for Online Transparency and Information
I interviewed a top-producing agent in San Francisco a few days ago. We were talking about the role of technology in the real estate process. It was a fascinating discussion. She is on the top of her game. Many listings, many successful transactions with buyers this year and yet she struggles with how to stay relevant with her younger clients. She told me:   “I am absolutely frightened of new technologies, and yet I KNOW I need to communicate and provide information differently than I used to. I believe it is much more difficult to create a deep personal relationship with younger consumers because they don’t want to sit down and talk about what their real needs are. They want me to provide information on my website so they can do their own research and then tell me what they’ve found. They require that the agent provide as much information as they can to empower the consumer to get comfortable with the information
Grocery Carts are the Best Place for Real Estate Agents to Advertise...Right?
There’s been a lot of flurry going around the real estate blogosphere concerning the age of the average real estate agent versus their target market which has been identified as Generation Y. With that introduction, I’d like to take you with me to last Saturday at the local grocery store where I saw the ad pictured here-names, numbers and faces have been obscured to protect the innocent. This advertising tactic struck me as kind of weird and fell in league with the table top business card advertising that you still see occasionally in Mom and Pop style restaurants. Is this the kind of impression that you want to give your clients from Generation Y where absolutely every question, idea, interest and relationship is broadcasted or downloaded from the Internet? The answer is probably not. Although real estate agents have a genuine challenge when it comes to advertising on a shoe string budget, the Internet is still a pretty cheap venue when you compare it to other media outlets. Advertising online successfully however, does require some investigation, primarily into what technologies work consistently and encompass the largest spectrum of possibilities to capture a homebuyer’s
3 Tips to Help You Strategically Market to Buyers and Sellers
The real estate industry is constantly bombarded by uninspiring news on a daily basis as the housing market struggles to rebound. Fewer selling opportunities mean REALTORS® can’t afford to make mistakes or miss out on any chance to connect with potential clients. To stay in the game, REALTORS® need to pay more attention to marketing themselves. Here are a few easy ways to connect with buyers and