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An Accounting Program that Speaks Your Language

Our flagship program is a powerful brokerage application designed to manage all accounting and back office functions of a real estate office. Created with the end user in mind, this simple yet comprehensive program provides a complete office management solution. The fully integrated program combines accounting with transaction data to provide unrivalled real-time reporting capabilities for the broker. Everything from listing inventory, transaction processing, agent management, accounts payable and accounts receivable, all the way down to financial statements are managed through the brokerWOLF back office accounting solution.

  • Manage your office and agents with unrivalled real-time reporting
  • Simple management of office and agent expenses
  • Automated commission plans and monthly agent billing

As an added feature, Lone Wolf hosted servers ensure brokers and agents have access to their back office from anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy access to your brokerWOLF system
  • Safe and reliable backup and storage of your data
  • Free yourself from maintaining costly hardware
  • All you need is an internet connection

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