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Online Marketing on the Rise, but Agents Rely on Print to Point the Way
  Toronto (Dec. 15, 2014) – In this era of online marketing, why are business cards, flyers, post cards and lawn signs still essential tools of real-estate sales efforts -- even though there isn't overwhelming evidence for a return on investment (ROI)? Print-marketing tools appear to produce fewer sales leads than online-marketing efforts, according to the results of a November 2014 WebsiteBox survey of 369 real estate professionals in the United States and Canada. "But print marketing continues to be popular because agents intuit—correctly--that print drives local traffic to websites, and delivers sales leads to email inboxes," said Peyman Aleagha, chief executive and founder of WebsiteBox, a provider of $99 do-it-all websites for real estate professionals. It's no surprise then, that 99 percent of survey respondents said they include website addresses in their print marketing. And use of social media information – Facebook or Pinterest, for example – was reported by 54 percent of respondents. While they continue to rely on print, respondents said that only 13 percent of their sales leads come from traditional print promotion vs. 21 percent of leads originating from online marketing. This seeming contradiction may result from misunderstanding how print can work in concert with online marketing, according to Aleagha, and that less than half (42 percent) of respondents calculate the ROI for their print-marketing efforts. On the other hand, it might not matter: The survey found that 60 percent of real estate sales leads come from good old-fashioned referrals. DIY Design A majority of respondents – 66 percent – said they designed their own print pieces using graphics software packages like Adobe Photoshop or web-based tools, like those from Vistaprint. The top self-designed items, according to the survey, are business cards, flyers, post cards, lawn signs and letterhead. Despite saving on design costs, 60 percent of respondents reported that they typically spent more than $500 annually on print promotion. A sizable majority – 80 percent – said they felt they should be spending even more. What would these respondents print if they had a bigger print-marketing budget? More postcards, naturally. And branded presentation folders. And items like promotional coffee mugs, key chains, and flash drives, they told WebsiteBox. Free Advice, Low-Cost Tools WebsiteBox's free ebook, "Real Estate Print Marketing for the Digital Age," has information for Realtors who want to integrate traditional marketing and advertising with digital promotion. WebsiteBox customers can purchase an easy-to-use application, called WebsiteBox Prints App, for producing printed real-estate marketing materials. Automatically integrated with WebsiteBox websites, Prints App pulls information from listings to create vibrant business cards, newsletters, flyers, postcards, letterhead, and other materials. The $99 WebsiteBox Prints App can be found on the WebsiteBox website Apps & Extras page: About WebsiteBox WebsiteBox offers do-it-all real-estate websites for a one-time $99 fee – the lowest price in the market. More information is available at the WebsiteBox website, and by contacting Marketing Manager Chad Bhalla at [email protected], or (866) 857-1657 x1113.
WebsiteBox Introduces $99 Print-Marketing Tool for Realtors
Toronto, Ont., October 16, 2014 -- WebsiteBox, a technology startup that provides real estate professionals with a do-it-all website for a one-time fee of $99, today announced Prints App, an easy-to-use application for producing printed real-estate marketing materials. With Prints App, agents quickly can produce professional-quality marketing collateral. "Real estate agents rely on print marketing for branding, to connect with former clients, and to attract new clients," said WebsiteBox CEO Peyman Aleagha. "While much of the real estate world is moving online, a creative and consistent print marketing campaign is still essential to increasing a Realtor's visibility within the community. What's more, quick, clean messages on brochures, flyers, and other literature can ultimately drive traffic to a real estate website." Automatically integrated with WebsiteBox websites, Prints App pulls information from listings for use in print materials. Agents can use the app to create vibrant business cards, newsletters, flyers, postcards, letterheads, property sheets, and other materials in three simple steps: Agents select the type of print piece and layout they want to create. The prints wizard helps users customize the piece with intuitive drag-and-drop editing tools. Next, the app automatically loads data from the multiple listing service. No manual data entry is needed. In the final step, the app turns the marketing collateral into a high-resolution PDF file that agents can print immediately. Or, for jobs that require expertise, users can email the file to PrintChomp, a WebsiteBox partner that will help users choose a local printer who'll complete the job for the required budget, quality and deadline. "Prints App provides Realtors with a straightforward and inexpensive way to share news, tell a success story, or invite buyers to a new listing – all from one simple platform," Aleagha said. Customers can purchase the $99 WebsiteBox Prints App on the Website Apps & Extras page. More information is available from Marketing Manager Chad Bhalla. Contact: [email protected], or 1-866-857-1657 x1113. About WebsiteBox Launched in January 2013 by Internet entrepreneur and real estate marketing expert Peyman Aleagha, WebsiteBox is a Toronto-based startup offering feature-rich, mobile-friendly real estate websites and tools for agents, teams and offices at a one-time, $99 price – the lowest in the market. WebsiteBox is quickly gaining prominence in the real estate and entrepreneurial markets. Less than six months after launch, WebsiteBox™ was named to HousingWire Magazine's inaugural RETech:50 list of top real estate technology firms for 2013.