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Onboard Informatics Announces Listings API+ as Part of Evolving Platform

October 23 2014


New York, NY, October 23, 2014 -- Onboard Informatics, the largest and most trusted Local Data as a Service provider, rolled out a BETA version of their Listings API that supports the emerging RESO Web API Standard. At RESO PlugFest on Tuesday, developers in attendance had the opportunity to be the first to try this technology.

The API will uniformly support over 100 different Multiple Listings Services utilizing RESO Web API 1.0.1 and the RESO Data Dictionary 1.3 standards. At PlugFest this week, 14 MLSs agreed to have their data featured on the BETA version of Onboard's API, so developers were able to test the technology utilizing actual data from some of the top MLSs in the country.

"Onboard has been advancing our technology the last several months to evolve into a local data platform," said Scott Petronis, Onboard's Chief Product Officer. "Months of hard work paid off this week at PlugFest, when developers got a chance to sample our latest API. They were able to get creative with everything that's possible with local data. We're really excited about the potential here."

The Listings API+ offers a single, standardized way for developers to integrate IDX data inon real-time. It offers pre-integrations for .Net, Android and other environments.

For MLSs, this technology allows each service to have more control over its data. MLSs no longer need to send data out, but can privately distribute data through this API. Listings data becomes more visible, trackable and ultimately more accurate for the end-user.

"We've worked with MLSs for 12 years," said Jonathan Bednarsh, Onboard President and COO. "For years, our partners wanted a better way to manage data access. This API creates transparency around the listings, and MLSs don't have to wait five years for it to be developed. It's ready now."

Onboard's Listings API+ will handle 30 million transactions per month, with the capability to expand well beyond that.

"Beyond property listings, this API includes the ability to filter and sort results using 25 different fields of lifestyle attributes," said Marc Siden, Onboard CEO. "You can search listings by a desired starting point, nearest transit, school ratings, neighborhood name, and more. It's really the start of taking the local data we've cultivated since 2001 and feeding it through a platform that makes the data easier to access and maneuver so you can create a better online experience for your customers or create applications that keep moving your business forward. This is really taking local data technology to the next level."

OBI plans to continue advancements to this platform in the coming months.