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Renovus to Launch Re|Drive in Newly Re-Designed App

October 02 2014

There are many benefits to having access to cloud storage these days – music, photos, documents, journaling – the list goes on and on. The trouble with cloud storage in the business world is that it is often a separate product that requires you to go outside your workflow application to get the file you need. THEN, you have to attach the file using a separate process upload/download too. In the end, although it is done – it is not the most convenient process out there, often times causing frustration and failure to use the product all together.

RENOVUS has attacked this problem for the real estate industry. We have integrated our own cloud storage product RE|DRIVE into the RENOVUS |DASHBOARD. And, we have addressed the needs of effective cloud storage from the same position of usability and functionality as all other parts of our software solutions. The essence of RE|DRIVE is to make attaching and sharing documents inside a transaction easier, while also providing a secure place to put personal items as well, all within the application you are using to manage your real estate business.

WHY PAY for cloud storage? Lets face it – data storage is a commodity business, and providing access to storage should just be an accepted cost of providing cutting edge tools to the industry. ALSO, the nickel and dime approach of most technology models creates more headaches and stress trying to remember if you have enough storage, minutes, file space, etc. With RE|DRIVE, subscribers get a 20 GB storage space INCLUDED in their monthly subscription. FOR THE EXTREME DATA HOARDERS (like myself), just $5 per month gets you that endless data trough.

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