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LPS Enhances SEO for rDesk

February 16 2011

Are You Satisfied with the performance of your website in the search engine?

LPS RealEstateGroup templaterDesk Website, the Broker/Franchise Platform from LPS Real Estate Group (LPSREG) is even more SEO-friendly after partnering with the leading Search Engine Optimization company in the vertical market of Real Estate.

Over the past year, LPSREG has been making significant enhancements to the core structure of their website platform at the direction of their SEO partner to ensure it is able to deliver the results today's brokers expect. The structure changes include:

  • URL optimization
  • Directory restructuring
  • Content siloing
  • On page and off page tagging
  • Crawl path
  • Site maps
  • Canonical tags
  • and much more!

With the ongoing partnership, there is continual monitoring to ensure SEO best practices are being used to achieve high ranking organic placement.

Results! With the new structure and guidance of our SEO partner, our clients are seeing significant climbing in their positioning. Some results include sites that rank in the top 10 on Google for 80% of their top 50 keywords. One customer enjoyed a 57% increase in organic traffic (over 5 million visitors) in one quarter.

SEO is just one area LPSREG focuses on for clients. If you would like to see what LPSREG could do for your online marketing strategy, please contact me to schedule a conference call or presentation where we can explore possibilities.