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Reesio Launches Revamped Brokerage Features And Sees 140% User Growth In 5 Months

May 26 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 22, 2014 -- Reesio, the only completely free transaction management system available to real estate brokers, transaction coordinators, and agents, has launched a suite of new Brokerage management tools today:

  • Graphs and reporting showing key metrics across the entire brokerage.
  • Facebook-style notifications that make it clear what users need to be aware of across all of their transactions at all times.
  • Commission tracking/details across the entire brokerage.
  • Consolidated view of tasks due for all agents across the entire brokerage.
  • Consolidated view of recent activities from all agents across the entire brokerage.
  • Advanced filtering and searching across the entire brokerage.

According to Reesio Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas, these new features are designed to meet the demand of brokerages of all sizes, and will allow them to manage all transactions for all users within their brokerage in one centralized place and with a familiar look and feel. "In sticking with the theme of keeping our product social and similar to products like Facebook that people use every day, we're continuing our quest to be transaction management for the modern real estate professional. There are a lot of ugly, clunky real estate technology products out there. Users need more than just functionality. They want and need a beautiful, social product that mirrors the other ones that they use outside of their jobs."

reesio newsrelease

Thomas expects that these features will also attract a lot of the larger 500+ person brokerages, as well as MLS's, who are tired of using the older systems that haven't kept up with the pace of modern design and user interfaces. "It used to be that enterprise software had to look ugly in order for it to get buy-in from the CTO of a large organization. Now, you see a bottoms-up approach where individual agents are using a product, loving it, and recommending it to their CTO's. The CTO's then can be heroes within the organization because they're giving the final approval on products that their agents want."

These new features come on the heels of some pretty impressive growth experienced by the company. Thomas says that they've grown from about 2,500 users at the end of November 2013 to over 6,000 at the end of April 2014 - a 140% growth rate in just 5 months. Thomas attributes this to the company's relentless pursuit of listening to its customers' feedback and responding quickly to their needs. "Almost our entire product roadmap is driven by what our customers ask us for. We take the time to listen to them and actually implement what they're asking for. Unlike a lot of other products out there, we release new features every single week, which our customers can subscribe to via email and find out what new features get launched. It's pretty cool for the customer to get an email update and to be able to say to him/herself - 'Hey, that was my idea!'"

In addition to strong user growth, the company continues to prove out that its real estate property data is more accurate than Zillow, Trulia, and "In the past 6 months since we launched our public listing pages, we've found that our data is 52% more accurate than what's currently on Zillow, Trulia, and While we understand that our database of properties is considerably smaller than what those three companies have (Reesio currently has about 6,300 properties in its system), we're going to able to build products that are tailored to individual users' needs that no one else can do because this data is generated through our system. The reality is clear that transaction management is the path to getting the most accurate data in real time and being able to offer the most customized user experiences. Even better is that our users love the fact that they can control and see the data as it's automatically updating on the public listing pages."

Reesio also plans on continuing its quest to become the only real estate technology platform that does everything -- transaction management, CRM, marketing, lead-gen, etc. According to a WAV Group study that was released last month, the number one pain point for brokers and agents is not having all of their technology needs in one place. "Brokers and agents are tired of having to use 5 different platforms to conduct 5 different aspects of their job. They want one place to be able to do everything. Unlike some of our competitors who are going wide with their product into other verticals, we're real estate people ourselves, and so we're keeping our product 100% focused on real estate only. This will allow us to meet our goal of becoming the only one-stop-shop platform available to brokers and agents. We don't have every feature yet, but we will soon."

Thomas wouldn't give specifics on exactly what those features would entail, but he did say that they'll be ready within 2-3 months. He also said that Reesio's transaction management system will continue to always be free, and that the company will begin generating revenue on feature upgrades such as CRM, marketing, and data tools that get integrated into its transaction management platform. "Very soon, Reesio is going to be the hub of where everything happens online for brokers, agents, and clients. We're excited to help make that future a reality," said Thomas.