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TouchCMA - Industry First Real Estate Presentation Software With Actual Commute Times From INRIX Drive Time™

March 12 2014

SEATTLE, WA--(Mar 12, 2014) - Today, TouchCMA and INRIX announced the release of TouchCMA with INRIX Drive Time™ -- making TouchCMA the first real estate agent tool to offer expected drive time capabilities. Drive time to work is a key buying criterion for 73 percent of all home buyers, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Agents and home buyers can now quickly and easily prioritize properties based on typical roadway traffic conditions. Property presentations can include the commute time between home, office, daycare, hospitals, parks, family members, or other frequently visited locations.

INRIX just released their annual Traffic Scorecard for 2014 measuring the 100 worst cities for traffic congestion, which underscores how important drive time has become for people considering a home purchase. The 2014 Scorecard shows traffic congestion growing at 3X the rate of the economy making delays for commuters even worse as America rebounds from the recession. With drivers in cities like San Diego, Houston and Orlando wasting upwards of 24 hours a year -- a full day -- in traffic, INRIX Drive Time helps consumers find homes that meet their desired travel time to work and other locations.

"When agents present homes and neighborhoods, buyers want to know as much as possible about drive times," said York Baur, CEO of Windermere Solutions, maker of TouchCMA. "With INRIX Drive Time, our clients now have unique and incredibly valuable information to assist home buyers in the home finding process. This insight gives them a competitive edge, and helps them better serve their role as trusted advisors to their customers."

"Traffic exacts more than just a tax on our time, it places a toll on our wallets spending more money on gas," said Rafay Khan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Product, INRIX. "From searching for the perfect home to finding a better commute, the value of INRIX Drive Time lasts long after the purchase of a new home saving people valuable time and money every day that otherwise would have been wasted in traffic."

INRIX Drive Time is powered by traffic information sourced from the INRIX Traffic Intelligence Platform, which analyzes data from various public and private sources ranging from government road sensors, official accident and incident reports to real-time traffic speeds crowd-sourced from a community of approximately 100 million vehicles and devices. The INRIX Traffic Intelligence Platform accounts for common traffic-impacting factors, such as, day of week, season, local holidays, current and forecasted weather, accidents and road construction to help drivers save time, fuel and avoid frustration every day.

TouchCMA serves three out of four of the largest independent brokerages in the country and over 20,000 real estate agents. Hundreds of thousands of buyers will now use INRIX, the leading international provider of traffic information and driver services, as part of their home buying process.

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About TouchCMA and Windermere Solutions

TouchCMA is a leading real estate presentation and communication tool built by Windermere Solutions. TouchCMA helps real estate professionals save time, make more money and increase their professionalism with up-to-date MLS listing data and INRIX Drive Time™ in interactive presentations. Windermere Solutions creates outcome based tools for top agents and brokerages designed to win more business in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. Visit