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Delta's new Virtual Market Analysis System helps REALTORS® attract and convert more leads

February 10 2014

Delta Media Group is excited to announce the launch of our brand new completely revamped Virtual Market Analysis (VMA) system. The new system has been released today (2/10) platform-wide for agents with upgraded web sites powered by Delta.

For those customers who used our previous VMA system, you will be amazed at the new system's features and functionality. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up with a brand new graphical interface, powerful Calls-to-Action and new valuable functionality for your prospective customers. As with all Delta products and services, the ultimate goal in releasing this tool is to drive more business for our real estate customers by increasing both the quantity and quality of your consumer engagements.

delta VMA1

Delta's new VMA System has been completely rebuilt from the ground up

Here are some of the key benefits of Delta's new Virtual Market Analysis System

Our new VMA Tool positions agents effectively to gain new listings

New listings are a great way for agents to increase their revenue, even if they are not the selling agent. Our new VMA system helps you build up your listing lead pipeline. It works on your behalf to create new customer engagements by offering website users valuable information while collecting their data with Calls-to-Action This valuable information can open the door to a discussion with you about selling their home or listing it with you. Content Marketing at its best.

Our new VMA System helps customers get the information they are looking for

Consumers want to do research in order to make good decisions. For your customers, our new VMA system provides valuable information that presents them with a clear picture of the competitive home sale market so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to list their home. As a byproduct, prospective clients will also view you their trusted source for real estate information like area housing market trends, average home prices, and recent sales and listing data.

Our new VMA System presents compelling Calls-to-Action that boost engagement

One of the biggest changes with the new system are the built in Calls-to-Action that will be the springboard to new meaningful conversations with your customers.

CTA's in Delta's new VMA system include:

A Call-to-Action to request a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

After clicking this button users are presented with messaging encouraging them to speak with you to discuss selling options. They are also given the opportunity to fill out a form request where their data will be sent to you so you can prepare their CMA

A Call-to-Action to get their VMA Report

After your customer submits the 'Get My Report' button, they will receive an immediate Virtual Analysis on their screen which includes graph charts including:

  • Average price of homes in your market
  • Average days on the market
  • Total listings on the market
  • Current homes for sale in your area

A Call-to-Action to sign up for Market Watch

Users are also presented with the ability to sign up for a Market Watch email. This ongoing email keeps the engagement and information flowing while they continue their decision-making process.

delta VMA2

Delta's new VMA tool offers valuable information and effective calls-to-action

How do I get access to Delta's new VMA?

First, you need to make certain you are on Delta's upgraded web system. If you're on the upgraded system, the new VMA system will be available automatically. If there is currently no public-facing link on your website for the VMA tool, agents will need to create a link so it can be found by your customers.

If you are not Delta's upgrade, you will only have access to the old VMA system. If this is the case, either upgrade through the DeltaNet™ system or by calling your company web site administrator. If you need help with this you can always reach out to our support department at [email protected] or 1-866-233-9833.

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