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IMSD 'Real Estate Systems' Training Series Starts January 8

December 30 2012

You've put in the effort, created the ads, and wrote countless emails to reach prospects. And it worked--you generated the leads!

Now how do you convert those leads into commissions? Why aren't you getting deals right away?

imsd systemsThere is not one supreme answer how to manage and convert all of those leads you generate, only a combination of hard work and good strategy. On January 8th, the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation kicks off the SYSTEMS class seriesSYSTEMS class series. This is one of three core areas real estate agents need to master if they want to dominate the world of online marketing.

The SYSTEMS series of IMSD is a paid training program of four weeks live training for real estate agents on how to implement strategies in the areas listed below.

Mastering Internet Lead Generation is designed to take the overwhelming idea of lead generation and offer a manageable plan. We provide a straight-forward recipe as we teach:

  • The key sources of internet traffic you'll want to drive to your website
  • Essential systems you will need in place for your business
  • Using online lead capture forms and landing pages
  • The four websites that every agent needs

Internet Lead Conversion Tactics is designed to teach you how to get your website and blog visitors filling in contact forms. Then learn our scripts to convert online real estate leads as we teach you:

  • The mindset of today's online buyers and sellers
  • Key strategies to converting online leads into commission checks
  • Ten Days of Pain lead conversion program
  • Scripts and dialogs to engage your prospects

Working Your Prospect Sphere will focus on the long-term goals. Don't put all that effort into getting online leads without a good long-term follow up plan. We will teach you:

  • How to research your prospects to dig up important information
  • Going beyond email drip marketing with social media, blogging, and video
  • A system for connecting with your prospects as they approach the buying or selling phase

Craigslist Classified Services can offer a lot of opportunity to get leads when you know how to do it right. Let us show you:

  • How to write Craigslist real estate ads that stand out and get clicks
  • Developing a consistent Craigslist lead generation system
  • Craigslist posting rules and ghosting
  • Craigslist advertising examples for real estate

Learn more about the SearchSearch, SocialSocial and SystemsSystems coursework that are required to earn the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. If you are interesting in becoming an IMSD member, take advantage of this $200 IMSD discount$200 IMSD discount.

Current IMSD Members: You'll find all the registration links for the classes described above at

Learn more about the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.Learn more about the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.