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MRIS Offers Membership at No Cost to Their Customers, Which Represents a $149 Savings

September 21 2010

MRIS logoMRIS has a duty to help our customers keep current with technology tools they may use to help them sell more real estate and maximize their earnings. In the spirit of our commitment to our customers, service and support, we will be announcing that MRIS is launching RETechnology in Matrix on the evening of Monday, September 27th., the real estate technology authority, provides both agents and brokers with objective and comprehensive information about a wide range of real estate related products available today. Site visitors can learn about the features of those products, and read peer reviews about their experiences with those products, and much more. RETechnology is LIVE in 10 other MLS markets.

It’s important to mention that RETechnology has been customized to meet MRIS requirements.

RETechnology Service:

  • Offers subscribership at no cost to our customers, which represents a $149 savings.
  • Showcases our premium products as “Special in Your Area” receiving premier/feature position on product and service search results.
  • Helps to position MRIS at the center of delivering technology solutions to our customers.
  • Supports MRIS mission and vision statements to provide outstanding customer service.

RETechnology Provides:

  • Options to search solution providers and services.
  • User ratings so that an agent can gain perspective from fellow real estate professionals.
  • An unbiased real estate technology information, education and community.
  • Comprehensive company and product directory complete with easy-to-understand product descriptions and product reviews.
  • Regular articles and columns sharing real estate technology trends, as well as “how to” content.
  • Subscribers with the ability to create and review user ratings from fellow REALTORS® for the products and services they may be interested in purchasing.

RETechnology tab is currently on matrix beta (
http://matrixbeta.mris.com and the tab is fully functional and successfully linked to the LIVE RETechnology portal.

The Support Center has received detailed information about RETechnology and all Support Center reps have been asked to login to Matrix beta and start trying out RETechnology. The effort required by the Support Center to support RETechnology is expected to be minimal.

Communications to our Customers:
Marketing will be sending out communications on Friday, September 24th. Please take a moment to check out the RETechnology tab on Matrix beta.