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How To Turn Social Networking Into Paid Clients

July 06 2010

FrameOfMindDo you ever think to yourself, Is this Facebook and Twitter stuff actually paying off?  Are there higher dollar per hour activities I should be engaged in?

You are not alone.  We interact with dozens of coaches weekly and one of the most prominent questions is, how do I get my social networking activity to turn into sales?

It is a great question, and  will be explaining the answer, in detail, on Thursday, July 8th, starting at 1pm to 2pm EST. 

Here is what you will learn during this webinar:

  • How to develop real relationships within your social networking activities;
  • The concept of personal intimacy and why it is critical to the sales process;
  • How to get people to tell you all of their problems and challenges;
  • How to seamlessly transition into asking for the sale;
  • How to effectively leverage your social networking activities;  
  • And much moreā€¦

This live, interactive event will take place this Thursday, July 8th, starting at 1pm to 2pm EST.  Bring all of your social media questions and we will be answering them! 

If you find yourself frustrated by all the time and energy you spend doing social networking activities without yielding any sales, you should attend this call!