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Syndication Grenade? New Syndication Portal?

March 23 2012

Here’s the real deal on Listings 360°insight Advisor.

With all of the discussion around syndication and the listing distribution process…and some questions around what we are doing, I wanted to clearly articulate the purpose (and value) of the 360°insight Advisor platform recently licensed by MREDMRED, MRISMRIS and CTMLS.

360°insight Advisor helps MLSs, Brokers and Agents understand, explain and make effective, fact-based business decisions about online listing distribution/syndication by revealing consumer activity, demand and performance information from virtually all websites where listings appear. The online visibility platform tracks listing and performance activity comprehensively: within the MLS system, on the MLS consumer site (as applicable), the Broker website, Agent IDX sites and Publisher websites and presents the data via crisp visuals/infographics within secure, intuitive, on-demand portals for MLSs, Brokers, Agents and even consumers (at Agent discretion). So, as related to syndication and online marketing decisions/investments, 360°insight Advisor provides an unprecedented view of the valuable decision making information enabling a performance based, selective syndication strategy; this a big first step from where our industry stands right now.

We’ve been asked by some if we created 360°insight Advisor as a syndication grenade OR if it is a syndication platform; the answer to both is no. We created a decision making product; incredibly valuable in the creation, support and management of a well-executed online listing distribution strategy. Equally as powerful, 360°insight Advisor delivers unprecedented insight into what clients are doing on line… helping Brokers make the most of their online listing exposure while helping Agents move their business forward, faster.

The value proposition of 360°insight Advisor is truly full circle, for all stakeholders:

For MLSs:

  1. Fortifies the position of the MLS as data steward by delivering tangible value…directly from the MLS to Broker and Agent
  2. Represents the value that the MLS system and/or the MLS consumer site deliver to the overall online marketing strategy as relation to the whole and independently
  3. Provides the MLS with deep insight into how data is being used online across all websites where listings appear
  4. Empowers the MLS to make effective, selective based syndication decisions with their Broker members
  5. Enables deeper, more thoughtful discussion between the MLS and Broker members

For Brokers:

  1. Empowers Broker/puts Broker back in control of:
    1. selective, performance based syndication decisions
    2. online marketing strategies and investments
    3. proactive future planning
  2. Reveals and promotes the power of the Broker’s online power – independently AND market-wide
  3. Helps the Broker understand and articulate online consumer habits, identify emerging trends
  4. Enables greater engagement with Agents and consumers within the market
  5. Accelerate business results by enabling more effective and precise management of the online marketing plan  – an emphasis on investments and activities that generate ROI

For Agents:

  1. Empowers the Agent to substantiate pricing and marketing recommendations with sellers armed with social proof – what consumers are really doing online
  2. Empowers the agent to understand how like listings perform on line, guiding them to modify and enhance their own online marketing strategies – independently and with consumers
  3. Enables valuable and ongoing  dialogue with the client
  4. Enhances the Agent’s scope and depth of knowledge, fostering greater credibility and trust with clients
  5. Provides informational ammunition to market and price more precisely – accelerating time to close.

For Syndicators, Publishers and IDX vendors:

  1. Provides a platform for Publishers to demonstrate performance/value clearly and objectively on a level field (with the same performance criteria  being measured/reported across all sites)
  2. Cooperation is shown through working together to deliver transparency with MLSs and Brokers… in a previously tenuous environment
  3. Cooperation empowers knowledge that leads to a more sustainable model
    - MLSs, Brokers and Agents to measure performance, value and make sound business decisions
    - Enables Agents to utilize the information about their listings online in marketing strategy and in the sales process
  4. Transparency fosters openness by eliminating suspicion of the unknown
  5. Openness and knowledge creates candor and trust – opportunities can emerge organically, mutual value can be explored and perhaps group of players previously in turmoil can co-exist and even profit successfully together.

Learn more about Listings 360°insight Advisor here and fire away with any questions.