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Moderne Ventures Announces First Passport Class of 2023

February 12 2023

Moderne Ventures launches its newest Passport Class addressing the biggest challenges facing real estate, finance, insurance, ESG, and home services

CHICAGO, Feb. 7, 2023 -- Moderne Ventures, a strategic venture fund focused on technologies innovating around the real estate, finance, insurance, ESG, and home services industries, announced its first Passport Class of 2023. The Passport Program is an intensive six-month program providing its participants education, exposure, insight, and relationships to drive customer growth.

"Unlike a traditional accelerator, Moderne Passport is a comprehensive industry immersion program that helps companies of all stages – seed through pre-IPO – hone their go-to-market strategies in the real estate sector, build relationships with industry leaders and execute pilot programs and customer relationships with some of the largest companies in the world," said Carolyn Kwon, Moderne Passport Director.

Moderne Ventures is currently accepting Passport applications for its second class of the year launching in early March.

The first cohort of 2023 Passport Companies is helping Moderne's multi-trillion dollar industries innovate and grow across a diverse set of sectors and themes, including affordability, decarbonization and return-to-office. This class has raised over $50M in funding with collective valuations north of $300M. The companies are:

  • IncentiFind (Incentifind.com) – Houston, TX: IncentiFind empowers developers, property teams, and occupants to search, verify, and capture incentive dollars for their commercial real estate and home improvement projects
  • Kairos (Kairoswater.io) – Atlanta, GA: Kairos protects the physical and economic life of properties through patented leak detection and water metering technology
  • Tailos (Tailos.com) – Austin, TX: Tailos' commercial vacuum robots utilize AI technology to autonomously operate in complex indoor environments to improve operational efficiencies and cleanliness
  • TestFit (Testfit.io) – Dallas, TX: TestFit is the leading real estate feasibility platform for developers, architects and contractors to maximize site potential and get the right deals done faster
  • Wayleadr (Wayleadr.com) – New York, NY: Wayleadr optimizes underutilized parking assets to increase NOI, while improving space and operational efficiency with the world's #1 ranked software
  • WYL (Wyl.co) – New York, NY: WYL's digital platform improves communication, trust, and retention rates by giving owners and operators actionable insights about their residents' experiences

"Moderne most often looks outside its industries to find technologies that can be applicable within them. This latest Passport cohort was curated to include innovative solutions that are highly applicable to some of our industry's most pressing challenges. We look forward to helping these companies optimize their products and services and connect with partners in the Moderne Network who can benefit most from them," said Constance Freedman, Founder and Managing Partner at Moderne Ventures.

About Moderne Ventures

Moderne Ventures is a strategic venture capital firm approaching $450 AUM. Moderne invests in technology companies in and around the multi-trillion-dollar industries of real estate, finance, insurance, ESG, and home services. It has both a Fund and an Industry Immersion Program, the Moderne Passport, designed to foster innovation, partnership and growth between industry partners and new emerging technology companies.

Moderne has built an extraordinary network of more than 700 executives and corporations within its core industries and evaluates over 4,500 emerging tech companies each year. Moderne most often looks outside its industries to find technologies that can be applicable within them, and it has invested in over 135 companies across its funds. Moderne has built a stellar track record investing in companies like DocuSign, Porch, Hippo, Homesnap , Caribou, Xeal and ICON.