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RESAAS Partners with ChatGPT to Revolutionize Real Estate Descriptions Using Artificial Intelligence

February 09 2023

February 8, 2023 – Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaRESAAS Services Inc., a leading provider of technology solutions for the real estate industry, has announced a partnership with OpenAI's ChatGPT to bring advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities to real estate agents.

This exciting new technology enables real estate agents subscribed to RESAAS to perform a variety of functions quickly, efficiently and easily. The initial launch focuses on generating property descriptions using A.I., saving real estate agents time and effort. This provides a more professional and engaging experience for potential buyers. This is a tremendous value-add to RESAAS agents subscribing to our paid PREMIUM and ULTIMATE plans.

The integration of ChatGPT into the RESAAS platform will allow real estate agents to input key information about a property and receive a unique and accurate property description in just seconds. This new feature will eliminate the need for RESAAS agents to spend time and energy crafting property descriptions from scratch, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of the real estate process.

"RESAAS is proud to partner with OpenAI and bring the power of A.I. to the real estate industry," said Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS. "By combining the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT with the vast amount of unique real estate data RESAAS generates, we are able to provide a valuable tool to help RESAAS agents succeed in an increasingly competitive market."

This exciting new partnership will have a significant impact on the real estate industry and help RESAAS agents stay ahead of the curve. By providing real estate agents with an innovative tool that saves time and delivers professional results, RESAAS and ChatGPT are positioning themselves at the forefront of the industry.