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Authentisign Speeds Real Estate Transactions

December 16 2011

Guest Contributor Kay Pratt of RE/MAX sends us a great testimonial about Authentisign offered by Instanet Solutions.  Kay says:

authentisignI have been using Authentisign for over two years now to speed the processing of real estate transactions for my clients. As most everyone knows, real estate transactions require a TON of paperwork. There are offers to sign, along with counteroffers, addendums, treatments, repairs and replacements (TRR) documents, contract extensions, etc. And this is all BEFORE the closing occurs.

In the past the fax machine was our best friend. I would constantly be faxing documents for clients to sign, picked up and transferring signed documents, and trying to keep track which document was the latest version. The entire process was very inefficient and was especially problematic when clients were out of town or worse yet, traveling for work. If clients were in Edmond the process wasn’t bad, and even in the Oklahoma City metro area it was workable, but if a client was moving from California and buying a house in Oklahoma, the process was very cumbersome. Clients would have to find a fax machine, which can be challenging on weekends or late at night, print the document, sign it, then fax it back to me. I would have to sign it, scan it, then email it to the other Realtor. The entire process was challenging at best.

All of my real estate documents are kept in a program called Transaction Desk, and I could quickly create a document there and send it to Authentisign for digital signatures. In Authentisign I set up the emails of my clients and anyone else who may need to sign a document, load the document, and then send it for digital signature. Authentisign then sends an email to my client with a link to a signature page. They create a login and Authentisign handles the digital signature and ensures everything is secure, encrypted and legal for use in Oklahoma.

This has significantly sped up the signing of documents, especially for distant or traveling clients. My clients LOVE the process since it is so much faster and more efficient than tracking down a fax machine. All the documents are kept in Transaction Desk so we can pull them up at any time, send them via email or fax, or just save and/or print them if needed. And since real estate transactions are time sensitive, this makes sure we meet our deadlines and don’t default on a contract offer."

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