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High Volume Render Editor Disrupting the Property Development Market

June 28 2020

MAROOCHYDORE, QLD, Australia (June 22, 2020) -- Australian-based proptech company are turning their globally successful real estate photo editing business model to the property development industry, in an attempt to turn the traditional render industry on its head.

They believe the provision of renders with a high volume, low cost, high quality, and quick turnaround combination has been missing in the market.

"When 3D renders first appeared on the developer scene, they were applauded as the ultimate way to showcase a property and sell off the plan," explained cofounder Mel Myers. "For a long time, they've been lauded as a specialist output. Each render costs a lot of money, with long production times, but they do look like works of art." has revolutionised residential and commercial real estate marketing with over 75,000 customers in 82 countries, offering photo editing services from $1.60 and Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovations from $24. The company uses a global team of editing experts, dedicated quality control teams, and 24/7 customer service to ensure 100% satisfaction on images. The no subscription pay-as-you-go format has also been popular with customers.

"We have made photo editing accessible, affordable, easy and quick for real estate professionals. We've beaten the triple constraint and we are about to do the same for property development," stated Myers. "We thought why can't the render industry too have the iron triangle of Good, Cheap, and Fast.

"After working closely with our international team of 3D experts, we can produce A-grade internal and external renders from US$280, slashing costs of the existing average $400-$1000 price for this product. The quality will impress any development marketing executive, or more importantly, the most fastidious of potential buyers. And of course, the company's accountant is going to be very happy."

As recent times have indicated, buyers being able to view a property from home, or anywhere, has become incredibly important. 360° Render Virtual Tours are an interactive property marketing tool to showcase development to buyers prior to construction. have realised this and have a strong focus on 360° Virtual Tour production within the company's offering for both existing residential properties and rendered displays.

They can produce 360° renders for US$400 and offer free 360° Virtual Tour creation and link hosting.

Examples of renders and 360° Virtual Tours can be found on their website.