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February 28 2020 first introduced Local Connect as an impression-based advertising program designed to connect transaction ready buyers and sellers with local real estate agents. Today, we're introducing some important upgrades to make Local Connect an even better investment for real estate professionals.

As in the past, Local Connect agents can still get leads from property inquiry forms on the listing detail pages of homes for sale and home value pages in their zip codes. Buyers and sellers can also reach Local Connect agents directly by calling the Direct Connect phone number displayed for the Local Connect agents on those pages.

The New Local Connect Look

The property inquiry form on for sale listings and home value pages has been redesigned to encourage more lead submissions, which, when paired with more intelligent lead routing rules will ensure you get the best value from your subscription.

In addition to making the lead submission form more attractive and user-friendly, we've added a new "Local Experts" area to the listing detail page. This section displays up to three Local Connect agents based on number of impressions purchased in that market. In this area, we will display your name, profile picture, Direct Connect phone number, badge (e.g. Preferred or Rapid Responder), and a link to your profile.

How Do Local Connect Leads Work?

Property Inquiry Forms – When a buyer requests information on a listing via a property inquiry form, that contact will be routed to up to 3 Local Connect advertisers and the listing agent. Inquiries submitted via a property inquiry form on home value properties will routed to no more than 3 Local Connect advertisers.

Phone Calls – When a visitor calls the Direct Connect phone number listed on the property inquiry form, that call will be routed exclusively to the Local Connect advertiser whose number is currently displayed. Buyers and sellers can choose to call any of the displayed Local Connect advertisers directly using the Direct Connect phone number listed for that advertiser in the Local Experts panel.

What is the Direct Connect Phone Number?

Local Connect customers have always received a call tracking number on This number will now be even more prominent with placement on the enhanced property inquiry form. How often your Direct Connect phone number is displayed on the property inquiry form will be based on share of impressions purchased and round robin rules. Consumers dialing the Direct Connect number will be connected directly with the Local Connect agent, or in the case of advertisers who also use's Lead Concierge service, will be routed to our team to be screened on behalf of the Local Connect advertiser.

If you have additional questions about your Local Connect upgrades, let us know! You can reach customer service at (866) 774-2947 or by email at [email protected]. If you're interested in taking advantage of zip code advertising, you can learn more about how we can help you reach local buyers and sellers here!

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