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Discover the Earning Potential of a Home with the New Airbnb Feature on Listings

January 20 2020

hdc new airbnb featureThe world is changing, and the must-have features homebuyers expect in their home are changing too. In the last several years, Airbnb has made it easy for homeowners to rent out their home or spare room. With more than half a billion check-ins through Airbnb, this platform has built a trusted reputation with people and communities around the world and created a market of people looking to buy homes with rentable components.

Spare bedrooms have always been a popular feature – they make great offices, guest rooms, and playrooms. However, more and more people are specifically purchasing homes that have spaces they can fix up and rent out through programs like Airbnb. This could be anything from a full mother-in-law suite to an extra bedroom, converted garage, or basement that they can outfit for paying guests.

Now, and Airbnb have teamed up to make it easier for your buyers to find a home that meets their personal needs and their Airbnb hosting ambitions.

The new Potential Income Calculator has been added to the listing detail pages on to show buyers how much income they could earn by renting a room or property on Airbnb. This great new feature helps you show your buyers the additional value they could capitalize on by purchasing the home they’re interested in.

We’ve also added the Potential Income Calculator to off-market listings so that current homeowners can discover the hidden value their home may hold. Use this information to help your homeowner contacts pay down their current mortgages to build equity and put them in a better position to move into a home that fits their ideal lifestyle.

Buying homes to list as Airbnbs is a newer niche opportunity with room for real estate professionals to create a new line of business. An easy way to get started is by creating content to share on how to enter this niche and sharing on social networks. Anything from what to look for in a home, how to furnish, cleaning after rental, must have features or estimating expenses involved in renting are all of interest.

You can also publish a list of available properties that would make great Airbnbs to build your credibility as an expert for buyers interested in becoming hosts. The Potential Income Calculator on listing detail pages can help you determine which homes could be a strong source of income for these buyers. Some homes that may work well for homeowners looking to rent out individual rooms in their home would be those with split floor plans, finished garages and basements, or other rentable components, like mother-in-law suites.

If you’re interested in finding homes for aspiring Airbnb hosts, but don’t know much about this program, here are some resources that could help.

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