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Unacast Expands The Real World Graph to Include Neighborhood Activity and Travel Patterns

November 21 2019

Unacast's Neighborhood Data Package Measures and Tracks Statistics Around Local Catchment Areas

New York, NY - Nov. 20 - Unacast, an industry leading location data and strategic insights company, is pleased to announce the release of its Neighborhood Data Package as part of The Real World Graph, an interconnected system of data sets that understands human mobility in the physical world. The Neighborhood Data Package joins the Venue Data Package as part of The Real World Graph, with additional new Data Packages to be released going forward.

The Neighborhood Data Package, which helps real estate developers and retailers to make the right investment decisions to better understand the activity of a neighborhood and how it changes over time when it comes to people travelling, working, and living in the neighborhood, includes:

  • Site Selection and Performance - Evaluate and prioritize new or additional locations, or simply measure the performance of one or more locations
  • Neighborhood Profiling and Activity - Get context for existing or potential locations, or uncover the relevant characteristics of a neighborhood
  • Competitive Intelligence - Gather insights on your competitors and analyze data points such as dwell time, area foot traffic, capture rate, local catchment area, and cross visitation

Emerging Concepts, a real estate solutions firm, was an early adopter of Unacast's Neighborhood Data Package. "The Neighborhood Data Package helps us learn how areas change over time. Being able to see which areas are populated at various times on different dates has helped us make better data driven decisions," says Matthew Focht, President and CEO of Emerging Concepts. "What separates Unacast from other location data providers is their consultative approach and the insights specific to our business."

"Massive investments in real estate and retail are being done, but very limited data is being used to ensure they were the right decisions,'' says Thomas Walle, Co-Founder and CEO of Unacast. "The Neighborhood Data Package provides unique insights into the activity of a neighborhood, which is crucial to know when opening a new store or investing in a new property."

The Neighborhood Data Package is available as a Data Feed, via customized reports, or through Unacast's API.

In addition to The Real World Graph®, Unacast has also offered Pure Feeds and Activity Feeds to strategic partners that want to be closer to the data to make their own analysis or incorporate it with other data sets. Unacast also offers international data across Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

About the Real World Graph®

The Real World Graph® is an interconnected system of data sets that understands human mobility in the physical world using a combination of map data, location data, and strategic insights. The Real World Graph® allows real estate developers, retailers, city planners and many other companies explore trends and insights in visitation, demographics, capture rate & area traffic, local trade area, and cross visitation behavior as well as benchmarking to brands, other venues, and competitors.

About Unacast

Unacast is an industry leading human mobility data company that harnesses device location data, map data, and strategic intelligence to tackle business challenges for the retail, real estate, tourism, and marketing industries. With its flagship product "The Real World Graph®", it provides innovative solutions and insights to operational challenges in a variety of industry verticals. Unacast was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Norway with a commercial office in New York City. In 2019, Unacast was awarded the #1 small company to work for by Built In NYC.

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