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November 11 2019

hdc fine tunes listing detail pages to create more is committed to your success and we're always looking for ways to attract more high quality leads for your business. With that goal in mind, we've recently upgraded the listing detail pages on These pages now have more contact forms in easier to locate positions to make it simpler for buyers and sellers to request information on the property they're in love with.

What's New

  • Simpler Forms – In the past, we listed the listing agent as well as up to three advertising agents on the main contact form at the top of the listing details page. Now, we've removed all agent names, photos, and phone numbers from the contact forms. This makes the forms easier to understand and has, so far, proven to increase the number of buyers and sellers filling out the form.
  • More Contact Options – We've added additional ways for buyers and sellers to reach out to agents on the listing details page. In addition to the primary contact form, which will remain in view as users scroll down the page, buyers and sellers can contact an agent from the Local Experts section, a call to action in the Home Details section, through the Schedule a Tour tool, and in the Similar Homes section of the page. On mobile devices, "Call Now" and "Request Info" options remain at the bottom of the page so leads can easily reach out to an agent.
  • Direct Connect #s – Having too many phone numbers on the listing detail pages confuses buyers and sellers who want to find out more about a specific property, so our listing pages now offer just one phone number at a time on the primary lead form. This number will be rotated based on an agent's share of Local Connect advertising for the zip code. Any leads coming through this Direct Connect phone number will go directly to the agent and be exclusive opportunity for that advertiser.
  • Local Experts Section – Agents using the Local Connect advertisements now receive special exposure in the Local Experts section of the listing details page. Up to three subscribing agents will have their name, phone number, photo, and a link to their agent profile. If the Local Expert also subscribes to Preferred Listings or Lead Concierge, the corresponding badges will also display under their name.
  • Schedule a Tour– It's easy to fall in love with a listing online. When that happens, buyers want to schedule a tour as soon as possible. We've made it easy to request a tour with this new tool. It offers a variety of times buyers can request a showing and sends that information over to the advertising and listing agents for follow up! is always looking for ways to generate more high quality leads for real estate agents, but no matter one thing never changes at is our position that the leads your listings generate should always go to you. As such, every time a lead form is submitted on your listing, you will get that lead. To learn more about how's advertising opportunities can benefit your business, click here.

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