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Expand Your Meeting Network with

October 07 2010

Making that first connection is great.  But where you go with it after the fact is what defines the relationship.

Whether you connect at a conference, exchange emails, connect on LinkedIn or Twitter, or share an event on Plancast, provides the last mile of actually making meetings happen, and getting the relationship started.

With Search, it’s now even easier to make that first meeting happen.

Using a name, company name or URL, you can now search the Directory to find the people you want to meet with.

Once you find them, you can add them to your contact list, or go directly to their page to schedule a meeting with them.

Concerned about Privacy?  Don't Be.

We Respect Your Privacy and You Have Full Control

In an effort to reduce the barriers between companies, and make it easier to schedule meetings with other busy professionals, Tungle allows you to join the growing number of professionals that have agreed to be listed in the directory.


What does being part of the directory mean?

This means that users will be able to find your page when searching for you on Google, Bing, and other partners that integrate on their platform. Go Google yourself, and see if you’re there!

The Directory is Your Choice

We ask you first before including you in the directoryit’s entirely your choice. If you decide later that you don’t want to be included, simply go to your Management tab, select “Account” from the menu and uncheck the box where it says “Have your page searchable.” Save changes, and you’re done. Your page will no longer come up in search results and people will not be able to find you in the directory.

What WILL be indexed (searchable)

Your name, title (if you provided it), company name (if you provided it), the link to your page, and any information you chose to add to your page.

What WON’T be indexed (not searchable)

Your calendar details, your email address, and everything else that is not listed above.

You WON’T get spammed

The great thing about pages is that others can come to your page and easily schedule a meeting with you without ever signing up. However, we do require them to confirm their email address before a meeting request can be sent to you.

What does that mean? It means SPAM bots cannot contact you. Only real people who receive the confirmation email and click to confirm their address can contact you.

We have found that people do not abuse your page, because they want to build a relationship with you to conduct real business. No one has ever reported any problems. However, please contact [email protected] if you know of anyone that should be blacklisted.

You Can Be Added to a Contact List

If you’ve opted to be searchable, people who find you will be able to add you to their contact list. That does not mean they get your email address. It’s more like bookmarking your page. They’ll be able to get to your page and add you to meeting invitations by clicking your name in their contact list, but they won’t be able to contact you any other way unless you’ve added contact info to your page.

Remember that people can only search for you by name, company name or if they already know your URL.

You Can Contact Us

If you need clarification on anything, have more questions we didn’t address here, or want to share your feedback and ideas, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or through the Support Support Community. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.