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How 3D Tours Help Sell Properties for Even More

March 06 2019

planitar house soldWhen real estate agents sell homes, their clients are relying on them to get the best possible price. Real estate marketing and skilled real estate photography can help you stand out, but you can't invest too much time in one property without sacrificing your bottom line. Now, there's a tool that allows you to sell homes for more money: 3D virtual tours like iGUIDE.

iGUIDE is proven to sell homes for more money. It creates virtual 3D home tours that immerse potential home buyers in the property. The tour also communicates other pertinent information about the home that helps buyer assess it quickly, such as a floor plan and measurements.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the tour is the experience. Through it, viewers get a real feel for the home and understand what it would be like to step inside. This experience often leads to an emotional attachment to the home which, in turn, means faster and higher offers.

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Agents that offer iGUIDE Help Sellers Get More

A recent 2018 study assessed the iGUIDE's performance. Researchers surveyed 9,079 homes placed for sale in Waterloo Region, in Ontario, Canada. The study found that homes advertised with only still photos sold, on average, slightly above list price. Homes with iGUIDE's 360° virtual tour sold for 1.3 percent more than the list price.

This 1.3 percent increase is substantial. The average home in the survey was $500,000. It would fetch, on average, $7,500 more with an iGUIDE virtual tour than if it had been marketed with only photos. The benefits only increase in higher priced markets. A million dollar home will sell for a whopping $13,000 more, on average, when marketed with iGUIDE. Homeowners will easily see the benefit from an increased sale price, winning you more listings.

Selling your client's homes for more makes your business more robust overall. A real estate agent who can consistently make homeowners thousands more on their homes will quickly develop a reputation for success. You can use the iGUIDE and its 360° virtual tours to maximize your value to your clients and strengthen your business.

Increasingly, real estate agents recognize the power of virtual tours in real estate marketing. There are now many 3D virtual tour options available to you. If you're investing in a virtual tour, choose the one that performs the bestperforms the best.

Homes with iGUIDE sell for more than even homes with other virtual tours. In fact, the same study found that homes with iGUIDE sold for 0.6 percent more of list price than homes with other virtual tours and videos.

Real estate marketing is competitive. It's tough to stay modern and to make your listings stand out from the crowd. The iGUIDE is the single most powerful marketing tool you can use to do both and to sell your homes for more.

Brought to you by Sara Penny, Communications and Marketing Manager at Planitar Inc., the makers of iGUIDE, and the iGUIDE® Team. Follow the link for more information on how iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tours can help you save time and connect more with your clients.