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Owning a Home Could Help You Get a Date with That Special Someone

February 08 2019

Nearly 60 percent of millennial singles indicate homeownership makes a potential mate more attractive

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 7, 2019 --, the Home of Home Search, today released new survey data that shows owning a home might make you more attractive to that special someone you've had your eye on, especially if they are a millennial or a woman. Singles looking to boost their chances of dating a homeowner may want to considering living in the South or in the Midwest because they are home to the biggest shares of single female and male homeowners, respectively, according to the analysis.

"Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, and this survey data suggests that many beholders find homeownership attractive, perhaps using it as a signal for financial savviness and success," said Danielle Hale,®'s chief economist. "Single Millennials seem to find homeownership in a potential partner especially attractive, even if only one quarter feels that it is important."

The survey, which included 500 people who identified as single and was conducted in late January, found that 46 percent of all singles thought homeownership made a potential partner attractive or very attractive. Women were more likely than men to agree with this, as 48 percent of women found it made a potential partner more attractive, versus 43 percent of men. Men, however, were slightly more likely to say that it made their potential partner very attractive.

The survey also asked singles how important it was for a potential partner to be a homeowner. Similar to before, women were more likely than men to agree it was either important or very important that their partner was a homeowner. But the gap between genders was wider than when asking about attractiveness of homeowners, coming in at 29 and 19 percent for women and men, respectively. As a whole, 24 percent of single respondents felt it was important for their partner to be a homeowner.

Millennials show strong desire for homeownership in their partner

Millennials were the most likely to feel that homeownership boosted someone's attractiveness, with nearly 60 percent of the generation agreeing with the statement. Millennials also were the generation most likely to agree that it was either important or very important for their partner to be a homeowner, as indicated by 26 percent.

Single male homeownership highest in the Midwest

For those looking to find a potential home-owning male partner, the Midwest is going to be the best bet. The market with the greatest share of single male homeowners is Detroit, where they make up 23.4 percent of all males. It was followed by St. Louis with 21.3 percent, Minneapolis with 21.3 percent, Cleveland with 21.2 percent, and Pittsburgh with 19.9 percent.*

Detroit, the top market for single men homeowners, has a median home price of $220,000, followed by St. Louis at $198,000, Minneapolis at $353,000, Cleveland at $170,000, and Pittsburgh at $170,000. On average, homes in these markets sell in 82 days, five days faster than the national median of 87 days.

These markets have a high volume of young people, and relatively low median listing prices. In markets such as Detroit and St. Louis, with median list prices of $220,000 and $198,000, respectively, the lower price point has helped boost homeownership among singles.

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Single female homeownership strong in the South and Midwest

Single women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the housing market, according to a recent analysis. This trend can be seen strongest in Detroit, where single women homeowners makeup 23.1 percent of all women, followed by 21.4 percent in Baltimore, 21.2 percent in Charlotte, N.C., 20.7 percent in Philadelphia and 20.7 percent in Minneapolis.

Detroit, the top market for single women homeowners, has a median home price of $220,000, followed by Baltimore at $297,000, Charlotte, N.C. at $320,000, Philadelphia at $250,000, and Minneapolis at $353,000. On average, homes in these markets sell in a rapid 75 days, 12 days faster than the national median of 87 days.

Strong job opportunities and growing economies that draw many young professionals to the areas are also helping keep them in these markets as homeowners. Affordable home prices have also helped singles achieve homeownership in these markets.

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*Homeownership data by gender and relationship status sourced from IPUMS-USA, University of Minnesota, Calculations based on ownership among household heads aged 18-54.

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