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Bridge Interactive announces updates to modern real estate API

July 15 2018

New Bridge API release, ParityPlus, combines all the functionality of RETS with the simplicity of an API, enabling more innovation

SEATTLE, July 12, 2018 -- Bridge Interactive, a technology company focused on helping real estate brokers, MLSs, agents and software developers innovate more rapidly with real estate data, today announced a milestone release to its Bridge API, called ParityPlus, that brings all the functionality currently found in RETS to Bridge's well-documented web API.

ParityPlus is a significant release because it combines what many MLSs value about the older industry standard, RETS - customization, most notably - with the speed, familiarity and scalability of a modern Web API. The net effect will be to increase the ease with which real estate data is distributed, secured, shared and built upon.

For MLSs, that means Bridge API now will enable them to build custom data feeds and more tightly define what information is conveyed to specific data recipients. It will also add functionality that gives them more control and fewer limitations.

With ParityPlus, Bridge tasked its team of developers to bring all the functionality found in RETS to Bridge API, and add even more on top of it.

"We're excited about the new Bridge API release because the industry now has all the functionality they formerly were used to getting with RETS and combines it with the modern simplicity of an API," said Turan Tekin, Director of MLS and Industry Development at Zillow® Group. "The industry now has a meaningful choice as to which RESO transport will best help create better tools."

RESO, which stands for Real Estate Standards Organization, is a nonprofit standards organization focused on real estate data standards and processes.

"Bridge is a staunch supporter, leader and advocate of RESO industry standards, and we applaud the innovation and enhancements they've brought to their RESO Web API tool," said Jeremy Crawford, CEO of RESO. "As the first to receive Platinum certification, Bridge has demonstrated to the industry the value of RESO and how new features can add real power to their API. Progress like this helps drive API adoption, and as Bridge continues to innovate, we hope it will encourage others to do the same."

Bridge API now allows MLSs to:

  • Control data feeds with the same level of granularity they are accustomed to with traditional RETS feeds
  • Easily customize the way they approve data access
  • Have unlimited field payloads, including custom/native fields beyond RESO Data Dictionary
  • See exactly what data has been mapped for API consumption
  • Combine any number of field conditions to specify which records the user has access to
  • Suppress any field values, based on condition (e.g., if status is pending, hide these fields)
  • Customize any restrictions on an application by application basis
  • Give end users transparency into how their data access has been configured, so they know what data they can access
  • Control whether an end user is only allowed to query data on the fly, or perform complete dataset replication

The updates to Bridge API represent a significant milestone in real estate development, marking a movement away from RETS and toward more modern, web APIs.

If you're interested in learning more about the new Bridge API features, visit us at Zillow Group's Inman Connect San Francisco booth July 17-20.

About Bridge Interactive

Bridge Interactive, owned by Zillow, makes it easier for real estate brokers and agents to create listings, send them places and use them to develop better marketing and more powerful software.

For more information about Bridge Interactive and its products, contact [email protected].